The One Dryer Feature That 42% Of People Can't Live Without - Exclusive Survey

We all want the best features when it comes to purchasing appliances for our homes. If you are thinking of buying a new clothes dryer, it should prevent clothes from shrinking, molding, or becoming damaged in any way. According to Oh So Spotless, the average cost of a new dryer is $700, but the range is anywhere between $390 to $3,000. If you're planning to spend such a large chunk of money on a new machine, you should ensure you're choosing something worth the cost. 

House Digest conducted a survey asking participants which dryer feature they could never live without. We gave them six options: interior light, WiFi connectivity, steam drying, large capacity, sensor dry, and attached drying rack. We'll break down which options received the most votes and why these features are most likely to benefit you. If you're in the market for a new dryer, deciding on which features to prioritize will help determine what dryer will be best for your home.

The bigger the better

Out of 606 respondents, an outstanding 42.41% (257 people) chose large capacity as the feature they could never live without, according to our survey. Whirlpool says large-capacity dryers create more airflow, cutting the time needed to dry your clothing. They are also able to hold much more clothing at once, so you won't have to watch over multiple loads of laundry. They're also useful for those who need to dry large items, such as a king-sized comforter, so all your cleaning can be done at home and not at the local laundromat.

This is also a useful investment for those who wish to grow their family in the future because you won't have to worry about running out of space. To get an idea of how big a large capacity dryer is, Whirlpool revealed it can typically hold nine to 15 full-sized bath towels each load. Although this is a super helpful feature, we advise measuring your laundry room first, because you'll want to avoid creating a cramped space.

Know right away

Second is the sensor dryer, with 17.66% (107 people) of respondents choosing this dryer feature as something they cannot live without. According to Bellingham Electric, sensors are used to calculate the level of humidity inside the drum of a dryer. As the clothes circle around it, the sensor will determine when the clothes have finished drying, which will automatically shut off the dryer. This is useful to help prevent clothes from over-drying or not drying enough.

Bellingham Electric also notes that a sensor dryer feature is also useful for decreasing electricity costs and preventing your clothing or other items from getting damaged. Although some dryers can do this by gauging the temperature as the air flows out the vent, sensor dryers tend to be much more accurate.

The following are the other dryer features from most to least amount of votes: interior light with 82 votes (13.53%), WiFi connectivity with 82 votes (13.53%), steam drying with 58 votes (9.57%), and attached drying rack with 20 votes (3.30%).