You Can Stay In A Scottish Castle That Is Open For Booking On Airbnb

Been watching too much Bridgerton lately? Big fan of classic Disney movies? We have the perfect getaway for you. If you're looking for a more traditional stay than the typical hotels and apartments, you're in luck. Tucked away in the hills of the Scottish countryside, there's a unique listing available. It's made for royalty and it's sure to give a whimsical boost to your family trip.

Dollarbeg Castle, a refurbished castle dating back to the late 1800s, is available for booking through Airbnb. This listing comes with all the accoutrements to give you the true historic experience — stone exteriors, extensive grounds, and even a tower — but it also boasts the luxuries of modern life. While you may expect to spend a pretty penny on such an extravagant stay, this castle actually comes with a surprisingly low price tag. Keep reading to learn how you can live out your fantasies of being a royal during your next vacation.

The details

Per Airbnb, Dollarbeg Castle sits in the countryside of Scotland, nestled next to the Ochil Hills and the nearby village of Stirling. While the actual castle is only about 130 years old, the property itself dates back all the way to 1263 (via Dollarbeg Castle). It was originally home to the monks of Dunfermline Abbey up until it was annexed to the crown in 1587. From there, it went through a string of owners, eventually falling into the hands of William Henry Dobie, a wealthy railway tycoon. Dobie demolished the old mansion that sat on the property and built what is now known as Dollarbeg Castle in 1889.

The castle's Airbnb listing is actually for only one portion of the entire building — an apartment in the tower. The stay includes three bedrooms, a full modern kitchen, and access to a private rooftop terrace. The interior is fully renovated yet maintains touches of the castle theme throughout, so you can enjoy the unique experience while still having access to a television with your favorite streaming services at the end of the day.

The cost

In many people's minds, a castle is quite literally the pinnacle of luxury, but Dollarbeg Castle is a surprisingly affordable place to stay. According to the Airbnb listing, renting out the tower apartment will only run you $297 a night before taxes and fees, about the same price as a luxury hotel room elsewhere. The hosts even provide you with a complementary Scottish gift basket and bottle of champagne to welcome you to the countryside and get you started on your vacation.

If you're planning a trip to Scotland soon and you want to live the history instead of just seeing it, a stay at Dollarbeg is a reasonably priced way to do just that. Past visitors have given the stay a near-perfect 4.95 stars across 20 reviews, and rave about the castle's gorgeous views and comfortable accommodations. With reviews and prices like that, why not fully embrace the Scottish royal experience for a couple nights?