5 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kid's Frozen-Themed Bedroom

Disney princesses have been a popular option for kid's room decorations for generations, and Anna and Elsa's universe is no exception. According to Visual Hunt, perhaps one of the reasons "Frozen" has remained so popular through the years is the fact the message of the film can be appreciated by children and adults alike. We all go through periods of time where we feel misunderstood and unable to be exactly who we want to be. "Frozen" takes the struggle of both personal identity and sibling relationships and pairs it with beautiful animation that can be incorporated into bedroom décor using soothing ice blue, silver, and other winter hues or purple, green, and other autumn hues to represent the two sisters.  

Decorating your child's bedroom with a "Frozen" theme doesn't have to be simply ready-made licensed Disney fare. While those items are great as a starting point, a true "Frozen" fan can go a bit beyond that and have a truly unique bedroom setup. From a favorite character to a very telling color scheme, reach beyond cookie-cutter ideas and work with your child to create a magical space. 

Favorite character inspiration

One of the best parts about the "Frozen" movies is the array of memorable characters, and every child has a favorite. Perhaps you have a child in love with Elsa's strength and beauty with her sparkly blue dress and goal-worthy braided hair. Or, maybe your child is wild about Olaf the optimistic and peppy snowman. Whatever your house favorite, there is a way to work it into some bedroom décor beyond plastering posters on the walls. 

For example, incorporate Sven the reindeer with a fur rug, subtle reindeer art, and – as noted on Amazing Interior Design – some framed quotes from the film. For Anna and Elsa, create pairs of items in their signature colors of blue and purple. Incorporate two throw pillows, two layers of window curtains, side-by-side mirrors, and whatever else you can dream up. Instead of directly displaying the character, let the character be the inspiration for the art and décor pieces you choose. 

Borrow a famous color scheme

There is certainly a lot of blue in the "Frozen" movies. But there are a lot of other colors to draw from the film to create a stunning color scheme. If your child loves licensed "Frozen" posters or wall decals, you can compromise by including some creative color work in the room. Deep purple curtains inspired by Anna's cape for the window, green from her dress for wall paint or a throw rug, and even deep brown furniture to represent sweet Sven. 

If your child struggles with anxiety or ADHD, you might want to hang on to all that blue. According to Very Well Mind, blue brings us feelings of calm and serenity. That's a pretty valid reason to use it on our walls and bedding. To keep the room from looking too grown-up and bland, use varying blue hues or incorporate pops of color in unexpected places like a lampshade or headboard. 

Ice is nice

Ice is what makes the animation of "Frozen" so stunning. There's something awe-inspiring about a strong winter storm, and kids will be drawn to the light and glitter tricks you can work into bedroom décor. Instead of closet doors, replace them with a large sparkling piece of iridescent fabric. Window dressings can also be swapped out for silver sequined fare that will thrill any young "Frozen" fan. 

If you want to create an ice castle feel after dark, invest in some white string lights. Yard Envy has a great curtain light DIY, or you can keep it simple by purchasing string lights and a sheer white or silver curtain. When it's bedtime, the room will illuminate into a magical frozen kingdom for your little one. 

A final way to incorporate an icy feel into a bedroom? Invest in some iridescent window film. The frosted effect will make your child's bedroom appear snowed in year-round. 

Elsa's bedroom door

Elsa's bedroom door is iconic and an important part of the movie's early storyline. And, according to Home Heart and Hands, it's reasonably simple to replicate if you have a free weekend and a bit of artistic talent. You can use a projector to display a screengrab of the door and simply trace and then paint — or use stencil or freehand. With a bit of patience, the end result will be an Elsa-inspired bedroom door that your child can — just like the princess herself — choose not to answer as they grow older. 

Other "Frozen"-inspired doors include Nordic patterns and etching, glitter paint to give the appearance of ice, or stone-textured paint paying homage to Kristoff's troll friends. Work with your child to figure out a creative door design. Doors often get overlooked when it comes to bedroom décor, and they can really tie things together. 

Add some pom poms

Pom poms are an unexpected way to decorate a "Frozen" bedroom. They are affordable, easy to assemble, and super versatile in how they can be hung. You can easily find pom poms in "Frozen" blue, but you can mix them up with other colors to create a garland or make them look like snow falling from the ceiling or hanging in a doorway. Or get creative and build a "Frozen" character out of them, as exemplified by Amazing Interior Design

The best part of the pom poms is they can be tossed and replaced cheaply and easily. So, as your child's interests change, you can simply swap them out for a new color scheme, a new hanging pattern, etc. So add some pom poms when you are looking for that perfect bedroom finishing touch. They can be purchased online, at your local party store, or created homemade with tissue paper and fishing line.