The Grand Finale Of Fixer Upper: The Castle Reveals A Renovation Fit For Royalty

Several years ago, around the time Chip and Joanna Gaines officially tied the knot, the celebrity couple made it their goal to one day renovate a nearly 110-year-old stone castle in Waco, Texas, according to Magnolia. About two decades later in 2019, the couple purchased the ancient property and took on one of the most grueling yet rewarding projects of their careers. And with that came the new series, "Fixer Upper: The Castle," where fans were able to once again watch their favorite home improvement celebrity couple work their magic and flip the impossible. 

Not only did we enjoy watching the casual quirkiness of this power duo return to the screen, but also the important decisions made to bring this castle back to life. In Episode 1, you can see just how worn out the property is after the Gaineses spot graffiti and animal bones in the basement (via HBOMax). Now, we would like to reveal the beautiful and unexpected design you could never imagine coming out of what Joanna Gaines speculated as a seemingly haunted castle.

A refreshing exterior

Chip Gaines said his main goal for this project was "to keep this house as close to the original as possible" (via HBOMax). Upon entering the home, the couple gawked over the solid oak front door, as they gave the audience a glimpse into the decrepit interior. During the renovation, Chip and Joanna decided to restore it and make the door look brand new. We believe this front door is proof that little details matter; the gold studs, layered wood pattern, and bar door handle work together to make an attractive and welcoming entryway

However, deciding what to do with the exterior stone was one of the couple's biggest worries. With only 11 months to complete the project, they chose to spray down the stone with a chemical treatment, which brightened up the color and got rid of the various gunk. Although it was the more expensive option, it ended up saving them a good chunk of time when faced with a tight deadline. To contrast the light stone, Joanna Gaines chose to paint the windows black and install dark, steel awnings. And to add life, they planted and placed various plants across the property to create a beautiful scenery of luscious greenery.

The drawing room

The first area we're excited to show you is the drawing room, which just like every other spot in this castle, a lot of work went into (via HBOMax). Here, many design features were also restored, such as the detailed wood paneling on the wall. They painted over what seemed like a cherry wood finish with a light gray to brighten up the space and also restored the plaster to its original glory. We believe the shade of gray they chose for the paneling beautifully complements the green, tufted sofa and the plush, leather armchairs.

The Gaineses also decided to keep the original marble mantle on the elegantly detailed fireplace, but unfortunately, the original wood floors could not be saved. However, they were able to install new hardwood that complemented the pattern and trim seen throughout the room. We also adore the golden, orb light fixture seen hanging in the middle of the space. Joanna Gaines chose this fixture to pull the space together, and we especially enjoy the softness it creates with its round-shaped lamps.

Cozy dining room

Next to the drawing room is the dining area, which is dark and cozy, unlike its bright and airy neighbor (via HBOMax). Here, the Gaineses also completed some restoration work on the wood paneling to give it a crisp appearance. Above the paneling, they chose to apply a "historic-inspired" floral wallpaper, which adds a bit of interest while also complementing the classical theme of this space. It's an especially beautiful option because of the various flowers and different shades of green and pink it displays.

The long dining room table and 12 antique chairs also make it feel as though you're stepping back in time due to their stunning curved and studded detailing. And although this dining room is a bit dark and moody, the giant white, stone fireplace manages to add an essential brightness. Additionally, the hearth was replaced with tile that mimics the antique style of the previous material. We also can't fail to mention the two large chandeliers above the dining room table, which hang from a nearly black-painted ceiling that was done to create a sense of flow throughout the space.

The conservatory

The conservatory was turned into a lovely sitting area, where guests can bathe in the sunlight while surrounded by green, leafy plants (via HBOMax). In Episode 6, Chip Gaines notably mentioned this room was the only one that had to be built entirely from scratch. However, his better half was able to choose materials and furniture to fit the time period of the castle. For example, the white- and black-checkered flooring is from an old chateau that was built during the same era. We enjoy the distinct style it creates for the conservatory as well as its aged detailing that makes the room feel as though it had always looked like this.

We also appreciate the mixture of material, from the stone wall to the wood boards on the ceiling, and the glass of the gorgeous windows that surround the space. The feeling of depth was also created by choosing a dark paint color, which essentially ties in all of the complementary colors. And although the room is long and narrow, Joanna Gaines was still able to construct multiple seating arrangements that can be enjoyed by various guests.

Joanna's favorite

Joanna's favorite transformation (and ours as well) is the hallway bathroom (via HBOMax). First, we would like to acknowledge the custom green paneling on the walls. The long, oval shapes create a sense of playfulness in the space and break up the square shapes found in the other décor. We also love the green theme, which continues into the patterned marble flooring, with more of this material installed along the walls. The different shades of green, white, and gray are all complemented by the brass hardware, which proves just how important it is to choose the perfect hardware for any space.

There's also a sense of brightness due to the two large windows present in the hallway bathroom. We enjoy the fact that the window sills are large enough to place any stylish or functional bathroom accessories. To create privacy around anyone lucky enough to bathe in this chic bathtub, the couple has also installed a ceiling-mounted shower rod, where a white and elegant curtain hangs.