30 Stylish Floor Lamps To Brighten Any Dimly Lit Corner

Proper lighting is one of, if not the most important, elements of a room's design. It doesn't matter how well decorated or put together a room is — if the lighting is inadequate, you won't be able to enjoy it. Proper lighting is also important for ocular health. As Scrivens warns, bad lighting can cause blurry vision, irritated eyes, headaches, fatigue, and become a safety hazard if you can't see where you're going.

Ambient lighting is also an aspect of a well-designed room. A cozy reading corner or display table could look even better with a pop of warm lighting while also making it easier to see things at night. Floor lamps don't just provide good lighting, but they also add a decorative touch to a room. There's a floor lamp for every type of aesthetic and design preference, price range, and effectiveness. Keep reading for lamp inspiration to brighten your home.

1. Threshold Floor Lamp

This simple floor lamp from Threshold at Target costs $140 without an included bulb and has a basic gold base and conical white shade. It's understated but versatile. The lamp has two bulb slots and a pull chain to turn each light on or off.

2. Ikea Lauters floor lamp

An elevated basic lamp is Ikea's Lauters floor lamp, which costs $70. The tripod lamp has a wood base that comes in a light or dark option and a white polyester shade. It can be adjusted up or down.

3. Crate & Barrel Meryl Arc Brass Floor Lamp

Crate & Barrel's Meryl Arc Brass Floor Lamp is a bit more dramatic with its arched base, oversized fabric shade, and marble base. It costs $399, and comes in a brass or nickel stem and black or white shade. The pole is also retractable and adjustable.

4. Pottery Barn Delaney Marble Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn's Delaney Marble Floor Lamp is decorative and functional, with the bronze or brass base serving as a lamp on one side and marble tabletop on the other. It costs $449, and is made of real iron, steel, and marble.

5. West Elm Culver Wood Floor Lamp

Another unique twist on a basic floor lamp is West Elm's Culver Wood Floor Lamp, which costs $499. It has a thick wood base with a washed oak finish and a white fabric lampshade. 

6. BoostArea Store Industrial Floor Lamp

A more affordable but still decorative and effective option is the BoostArea Store Industrial Floor Lamp, available on Amazon for $23.99. The lamp is industrial and minimalist in design, with a basic black steel pole and bare Edison bulb. The bulb can be switched out as desired for a different look.

7. Room Essentials Shelf Lamp

Room Essentials' Shelf Lamp is functional in more ways than one. Instead of a metal pole, the base has three shelves made out of black metal with a white fabric lampshade, and costs $35.

8. Ikea Obegränsad floor lamp

Ikea's Obegränsad floor lamp is very minimalistic and hyper-modern, designed with a steel base and one long LED light strip. It costs $90 and has three adjustable light intensity settings, which are controlled through a floor switch you can operate with your foot.

9. Crate & Barrel Weave Floor Lamp

Another basic yet elevated option is Crate & Barrel's Weave Floor Lamp, which costs $229 and comes in natural and greige shades. The length of the lamp is a shade made out of woven rattan and is described as having a mid-century feel.

10. Pottery Barn Bergen metal task floor lamp

Pottery Barn's Bergen Metal Task Floor Lamp costs $499 and is inspired by antique pharmacy lamps. It's made of tumbled brass, and both the shade and the base are adjustable, allowing you to direct the light as needed.

11. West Elm Staggered Glass 5-Light Floor Lamp

A trendier floor lamp option is West Elm's Staggered Glass 5-Light Floor Lamp, which costs $349 and can be purchased in a set of two for $698. The base is made of steel, and it has five total milk-finished globular shades made of glass towards the top.

12. Karjoefar Floor Lamp

A more minimalistic option is from Karjoefar on Amazon and costs $46.99. It has a sleek black metal base, a white cylindrical shade, and both a floor switch and a handheld remote control.

13. Ikea Skurup floor lamp

Ikea's Skurup floor lamp offers more direct lighting and costs $58. The lamp is made of all black steel, and the arm and head can both be adjusted as needed.

14. Project 62 Span 3-Head Metal Globe Floor Lamp

A more retro, mid-century floor lamp option is from Project 62 at Target and costs $130. The poles and shades are made of brass-finished metal, and the base is made of real marble. 

15. Crate & Barrel Fleming Antique Floor Lamp

This Crate & Barrel Fleming Antique Floor Lamp costs $299 and comes in both brass and black options, although the latter is more of a steely gray shade. This is another antique pharmacy-inspired design, and the height can be adjusted as needed.

16. Pottery Barn Raylan Recycled Glass Floor Lamp

Another simple and slightly retro-inspired floor lamp is Pottery Barn's Raylan Recycled Glass Floor Lamp, which costs $249. The glass shade is made of recycled materials with a hammered texture. The base and pole are made of aluminum and steel with brass detailing, and it features a floor switch.

17. West Elm Staggered Glass 3-Light Adjustable Floor Lamp

West Elm's Staggered Glass 3-Light Adjustable Floor Lamp costs $349 on its own or $698 for two. The three arms can be adjusted for different decorative styles or lighting intensities. It's made of iron with a brass coating.

18. Osasy Industrial Floor Lamp

The Osasy Industrial Floor Lamp from Amazon costs $65 and features an industrial farmhouse style. The steel base has two real wood posts each light hangs off of. There are a few color swatches to choose from, with slight price variations.

19. Threshold Addison Rattan Floor Lamp Natural

Another more boho-style arched lamp option is the Addison Rattan Floor Lamp Natural from Threshold at Target, which costs $120. The base and pole are made from black metal, and the dome-shaped shade is made from woven rattan

20. Ikea Simrishamn floor lamp

A modern style decorative floor lamp option is Ikea's Simrishamn floor lamp, which costs $110. The three chrome-plated poles vary in height. A round glass shade sits on top of each prong.

21. Crate & Barrel Hyde Metal Tripod Floor Lamp

Crate & Barrel's Hyde Metal Tripod Floor Lamp costs $299 and comes in two color variations. The brass and bronze option has a bronze base with brass accents, and the black and nickel option has a nickel base with black accents — both have a cool, industrial look.

22. Pottery Barn Flynn Recycled Glass Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn's Flynn Recycled Glass Floor Lamp has a strong vertically arched pole with a large recycled glass shade at the end and costs $499. It comes in three different colors — antique nickel, brass, and bronze, each of which is made of an aluminum base.

23. West Elm Linear Metal LED Floor Lamp

West Elm's Linear Metal LED Floor Lamp is a minimalistic and modern floor lamp option, which costs $399. It's made of iron, with a brass-colored base and bronze pole, and an acrylic-shaded pole LED light on one side. The lamp is advertised as ideal for smaller spaces.

24. Torondo Store Dimmable Floor Lamp

The Torondo Store Dimmable Floor Lamp costs $80 on Amazon and is designed in a tree style, with three branches of lights with a teardrop metal shade. It's made of gold-colored metal and has a dimmable switch at the top. 

25. Hearth & Hand Light Wood Floor Lamp

A more affordable wood base floor lamp is from Hearth & Hand at Target and costs $130. It has a light-colored wood base and pole with a cotton blend lampshade and two light sockets you can turn on or off with individual pull chains.

26. Ikea Hektar floor lamp

Another more industrial looking is Ikea's Hektar floor lamp, which costs $80. It is all made of dark gray steel and has three oversized spotlight-style shades that can be swiveled or rotated as needed.

27. Crate & Barrel Noon Wicker Floor Lamp

Crate & Barrel's Noon Wicker Floor Lamp is a boho, rustic option that costs $449. It comes in either a natural or black wicker color swatch and is designed in a two-tier style, with an uncovered bulb on each level.

28. Pottery Barn Fallon Forged-Iron Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn's Fallon Forged-Iron Floor Lamp has a slightly antique but classic design and costs $449. It's made of rustic iron and has a three-pronged base. The white lampshade is made of 100% linen.

29. West Elm Cap Floor Lamp

For a trendy look, West Elm's Cap Floor Lamp costs $229. It's named for its cap-like, almost jellyfish-shaped shade, which matches the black base and is contrasted by a gold pole. It has two separate light sockets that can be turned on or off by individual pull chains.

30. Aidenoey Store Vintage Pole lamp

A very traditional, antique-style option is the Aidenoey Store vintage pole lamp from Amazon, which costs $80. It has a brass base and pole with intricate carvings, a faux silk lampshade, and a swivel head for adjustable lighting.