The Best Large Rugs Under $800

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You can think of a beautiful area rug as a work of art, but instead of being displayed on the walls, it brings beauty to the floor. The best area rugs can transform the look and feel of a space without the need for a remodel or a complete makeover. Whether you are covering up an ugly floor, craving a new look, or searching for something comfortable under your feet, area rugs are a must-have home decor staple. It's a key component to arranging a space and creating order. As Danielle Oakey, interior designer, tells Good Housekeeping, "You need your rug to set boundaries, and ground your furniture." 

There is a rug for every aesthetic and style of interior design. With so many options, traditional patterns, natural materials, and bold colors the decision-making process can be daunting. This is only compounded by the fact that rugs can also be really, really expensive, especially if you need a large one. We're here to help you find an awesome large area rug that's stylish and perfect for your space — all within your budget.

Roll out a distressed traditional style

One of the simplest ways to give a room in your house new life is by rolling out a large area rug. These oversized floor accessories can instantly elevate furniture and define an area, as long as you choose the right size rug for your room. When decorating with a rug in your bedroom, for example, you don't want it to be so small that you can't notice it. "In the bedroom, you want to feel the rug on your feet when you get out of bed," interior designer Amber Lewis tells Good Housekeeping adding, "I like two feet to extend beyond the bed on each side." 

With the rug proportions considered based on your bed size and room dimensions, you can focus the rest of your decorating efforts on selecting a style. To prevent yourself from swapping out a rug every few months, a distressed traditional style can be both on-trend and timeless. An area rug like the Alie by Amber Lewis x Loloi available on Amazon may be a beautiful option for your space. The earthy tones and subtle variations make them great for those decorators who gravitate towards neutral shades and oriental-inspired designs. Style these large muted rugs in the bedroom, or other spaces, to create classic impressions on the floor in your home.

Purchase the Alie Collection Traditional Rug in Sand and Sky on Amazon for $332.92.

Launch a new look

If you're trying to launch a whole new look inside your place, start by adding rugs. For those home decorators that are into fearless DIY or classic design inspiration, you may already be fans of or stumbled across a room design by Angela Rose Home. Whether you navigate to her blog, Angela Rose Home, or click on her social media page you can shop the launch of her new rug collection with Loloi Rugs — and we're here for it. 

From the living room to the bedroom there is sure to be a rug perfect for your space. The rug assortment features a trio of collections: Aubrey, Blake, and Colton. If you are searching for a big rug for a big room that won't break the bank then consider a 9 by 13-foot low-pile option sold through Amazon to enhance the design. You can choose from blue, taupe, denim, and beige color combinations. Mix and match these designs into any interior style from mid-century modern to farmhouse decor and create seamless transitions between your living spaces.

Purchase the Angela Rose x Loloi Blake Collection Transitional Rug in Denim and Taupe on Amazon for $417.80.

Style a stunning space

Have you ever considered an outdoor rug for the inside? Decorating the interior with an area rug suitable for the outdoors is ideal. These are especially great for keeping up with everyday wear and tear, occasional messes and spills, and dirt that foot traffic brings. Due to the advancements in synthetics, design, and durability, indoor/outdoor rugs can fit right into most interior rooms without costing a fortune (via The Home Depot).

With over 3 million Instagram followers, the couple-owned interior design business Studio McGee offers home design makeovers and design tips. They also share their affordable home decor line available at Target with fans. Amongst the seasonal decor, everyday shelf items, and fillers in the collection, lies a selection of rugs for your choosing. While you can certainly shop them all, we picked an indoor and outdoor variation we think may be just the fit for those high-traffic living areas in a home.

This handwoven rug by Threshold is designed with Studio McGee and is available at Target. This area rug is an indoor and outdoor floor accessory that's up to the challenge of little ones and pets in any room of the home. Its contemporary pattern and fringe details elevate the basic gray tones. Plus, its low pile makes it versatile and easy to clean.

Purchase the Bayside Indoor/Outdoor Rug at Target for $200.00.

Adopt vintage vibes

Consider adding a touch of elegance to your house with a vintage-inspired area rug. Vintage rugs are not just any floor decoration but they are a unique rug style that offers any visitor into your dwelling a glimpse into a different time. What exactly is a vintage style? While this rug is intended to appear well, and vintage, they do tend to encompass an enduring appeal. The timeless designs often come in warm colors and feature patterns like florals and medallions (via Rugs2Go). The simplicity in the design is what lends this old-fashioned type of rug to be a classic choice for any home design, from formal and industrial to homes with eclectic decor.

Vintage rugs in particular can blend in with almost any interior design preference. Even coastal interiors and shabby chic-inspired homes can benefit from these area rugs. An oversized vintage rug, such as the one available on Amazon, could easily find its way into any room in the house and for well under the budget of $800. The polyester material rug even showcases some of those classic vintage features we mentioned above with its soft pattern. For all those home decorators who appreciate a warm and comfortable atmosphere, roll out a vintage-inspired area rug in your home.

Purchase the Loloi II Layla Area Rug on Amazon in Ocean and Rust for $306.74.

Decorate with neutral rugs

If you're searching for an affordable rug that can literally go with any style and color palette then stop scrolling and say 'hello' to neutral rugs. These muted rugs are staples in all styles of home decor. There is a brilliant simplicity to neutral color rugs that introduces an utterly timeless appeal to a room. These toned-down rugs could be warm and welcoming or airy and light. No matter the home, styling a neutral rug in shades of a light taupe gray to a stark black can add bulks of interest to the space.

If anyone knows a thing or two about neutral colors and rugs, it's Chris Loves Julia, DIY home experts. With many rugs in the collection that feature neutral color palettes, you're sure to find one that suits your space (via Chris Loves Julia). The Rosemarie area rug available at Rugs Direct is a stunning ivory shade with many available sizes. Add this rug to any living area or bedroom in your place as its fibers and fabrics are suitable for high-traffic areas. Neutral color area rugs are great to have on the ground as their lack of distinct color doesn't bind them to any specific style, allowing you to easily transition decor as you see fit. 

Purchase the Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Rosemarie at Rugs Direct for $724.35.

Include rugs with easy care instructions

The proper method for caring for a rug could be a detail many shoppers overlook. However beautiful the pattern may be, don't skip checking out the specifics on how you need to clean it. How the rugs are made and what materials they are made from may require different cleaning techniques. Coit Cleaning & Restoration points out that professional cleaning is necessary to remove damaging dirt from most rugs and should be done once a year. However, if you have been searching for a rug that's more low-maintenance then search no further. We may just have an area rug recommendation that has the easiest care instructions.  

Washable rugs are not only maintained with the simplest cleaning process but can be well under budget. For your home, consider a Persian-style rug like the one available at Ruggable. It could be perfect for those home decorators who need stylish and washable in the same sentence. These rugs are detachable for easy washing machine cleaning. Can it be any easier? If the style isn't one for your dwelling, consider any of the hundreds of designs available on their website.

Purchase the Kamran Hazel Rug from Ruggable for $639.00.

Decorate with a natural material on the floor

Are you searching for an affordable, eco-friendly area rug to feature on the floors inside your home?  Consider a warm, jute-style carpet for your space. What is jute? It's a natural fiber that's created from the stalk of a corchorus plant (via Apart from the natural material itself, the affordability, and the golden color, it's the texture that really sets this rug a notch above the rest. A jute rug can appear to be scratchy at first, but actually, the fibers are quite smooth. A jute plant itself is naturally soft and shiny, therefore the rug is equally as plush under your feet.

A natural jute rug can easily add personality to the place, especially if the color palette is already neutral. This style of rug can be used in most interior spaces as the natural brown hue of the fibers makes it easy to decorate with, no matter the floor type or furniture color. A jute rug like this one available at Wayfair could instantly influence the space you're decorating with warmth and texture. For a unique look, layer a rug with a bold and bright graphic pattern on top of your jute rug for a stunning contrast. 

Purchase the Torbin Power Loom Rug on Wayfair for $284.99.

Introduce moments of color on the ground

A rug often anchors the overall design in a room. Rather than choosing a rug in a neutral shade, inject some brightness into the room by using color, and design your space around a boldly-hued area rug. This is a great way to add pops of vibrant shades in the living areas, dens, and bedrooms for fun, personalized style. When choosing a colorful rug, however, be sure to coordinate the colors in the carpet with existing pigments in the room (via Rugs USA). You could use throw pillows, wall art, or shelf decor as inspiration for choosing a bright-colored rug that will help create a cohesive landscape.

If you decide to make the area rug the main focus of the room, try using colors that help create contrast and at the same time still complement any furniture that sits on top. To avoid your space being one-dimensional in color, pair opposing light and dark color combinations like a pale rug with a bold sofa (via Farber Rug). For a colorful yet refined pop, layer the floors with an eye-catching area rug like the Neyland available at Boutique Rugs. This specific style includes many colors such as ivory, beige, red, and different shades of blue. The collection has more than one color combination available and a range of sizes. Instantly transform a dull space into one with vibrant energy by rolling out a brightly colored rug.

Purchase the Neyland Area Rug at Boutique Rugs for $499.00.

Style rugs with fringes and tassels

Decorate the floors of your humble abode with an area rug that boasts additional decorative details. You will have to look beyond a rug's pattern, color, and shape. Primarily focus your attention on the edges of the rug. You can add tons of personality to your space by decorating with a large area rug that displays fringes, tassels, or knots at the ends. While you may be thinking how much is this going to cost me? You'll be happy to know the features aren't necessarily expensive and are often available in budget-friendly options. 

Think of these features as dimensional eye candy. The fringe details add to the structural interest of an oversized area rug. The tasseled edges introduce texture and movement to otherwise flat surfaces. A rug with tasseled ends like this impressively-priced option available at Rugs USA could fit right into any design in a home. Also, while rug shopping, don't pass on a rug if the tassels or fringe is too long. You can always carefully trim the ends without damaging the carpet as seen in this Youtube video.

Purchase the Temara Moroccan Tasseled Rug at Rugs USA for $370.50.

Always include a rug pad

You may have found a perfect large area rug that fits your budget, but you're not done yet. There is one more crucial step left that will ensure the rug you picked not only looks its best but feels its best under your feet. For the ultimate comfort, consider layering a carpet or rug pad under whichever option you purchase, regardless of the style or material. These can protect the carpet fibers from too much abrasion and make the rug softer to step on (via The Rug Warehouse). A carpet pad can also help keep your rug securely in place, a must for proper cleaning and to prevent trips and falls. When discussing common interior design mistakes with Vogue, designer Joy Moyler says, "Not using carpet pads under rugs, and sliding into the furniture! Every carpet should have a carpet pad for safety. They are inexpensive and so worth it!"   

Hopefully, you found your dream rug at your ideal price in this guide! These rugs are stunning choices for a variety of preferences and decor styles. Plus, they will provide you with a great foundation for your room's design and add the perfect touch of softness to your space.