What's The Difference? Right-Hand Door Vs. Left-Hand Door

Let's face it, door handing is the last thing that comes to mind whenever you open any door. In truth, the mind is almost conditioned to operate doors without overthinking the position of the hinges. The choice of door handing only becomes apparent when you need to order a new door. According to Research Drive, you should consider a few things when thinking about replacing any door in your home. The most important factors include the door material, color, and hardware. 

While this is true, one equally important factor not discussed often enough is door handing. Knowing the handing of the door before placing an order is necessary because it will give you a general idea of the door swing. It will be a shame if you order a door only to realize that the hinges and other hardware are in the opposite direction. However, the good news is that it is relatively easy to tell the door apart. Here is an easy guide that will help eliminate the confusion.

Telling them apart

While determining the positioning of the hinges is important, getting it right is not as hard as advertised. To begin, it is worth mentioning that a door can fall into two main categories: right hand or left hand. One way you can determine whether your door is right or left-hand is by standing in front of the keyhole facing the door from outside, via Direct Door Hardware. If it is an interior door, stand in the spot you would naturally enter from. The next step while standing in the same place is to locate the door hinges. 

If installed on the left, your door is left-handed; otherwise, it is right-handed. While you may have gotten the details right, confusion still occurs, especially when you order your door online or via telephone. So to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, walk into a hardware store and make an order in person. Another thing to remember is that you will also need to specify the swing direction, inward or outward, when making an order for a new door.

Why door handing matters

As mentioned earlier, determining door handing is important when shopping for a new door. However, the specific reasons go beyond avoiding ordering the wrong door. According to Dash Door & Glass, the hand of the door opening not only influences the frame and door preparation but is also vital when placing an order for the door hardware. Another reason worth mentioning is that door handing is important for improving the functionality of that particular door. 

This is especially true when there is limited space on one side of the door or obstruction. In the case of an obstacle, the best course of action is to place your door hardware on that side to facilitate opening in the opposite direction of the block. However, it is worth noting that door handing is a matter of preference, especially when no other factors require you to open the door in a particular direction.