You Can Stay In A North Carolina Airbnb That Is A Converted School Bus

There are many fantastic luxury Airbnbs out there to explore and enjoy. You can stay in a caterpillar in Detroit and a castle in Sequim, but this bus in North Carolina has a unique experience and story to offer its guests. For only $59 a night, this transformed bus features one bed and is ideal for two guests. The property has access to an outdoor bathroom, and young guests can be accommodated with a pack-n-play (via Airbnb). You won't get much space within the bus, but the charm and surrounding natural beauty make up for it. 

With an overall rating of 4.9 stars and 361 reviews, it's clear that guests who stay here are wooed by the whimsy of the North Carolina forests. Pasts guests rave about this spot, saying, "This is a truly special place!! The blue bus is a gem!!" and "This unique experience was exactly what we were hoping for! We loved not only the bus but the property as well."

Limited amenities with the ultimate experience

This charming Airbnb is a bus that has been converted into a guest room, so there aren't the typical amenities you may be used to. For example, you won't have Wi-Fi or TV (via Airbnb). This might be considered a negative to some, while others could find freedom in being disconnected from the outside world. The bus doesn't include heating or air conditioning, but a standing fan is provided for you to plug in to help keep the bus cool in the summer. With no room for a kitchen or smoke alarm, the hosts still provide a coffee maker to help you wake up in the morning, an eating area, and a sink. 

A bathhouse is across the lawn from the bus, only 30 seconds away. The bathhouse has a composting toilet and an outdoor shower with hot water. The hosts provide towels, shampoo, and soap in case you didn't bring your own. With a fantastic mountain view, it's romantic, peaceful, and nestled in lush nature. Reviewers say this was the best showering experience of their life! 

The listing says, "This is not your typical hippy bus!" but the hosts still chose classic furnishings to decorate the bus to create a cozy aesthetic. The windows that line the bus give guests a nearly 360 view of the stunning forest around the bus.

Nature is calling, and it's right outside this bus

Surrounded by a pine forest and positioned at the top of a ridge, you can see the Black mountains from the big windows in this cozy bus. The hosts welcome and encourage guests to explore their property, but remember that proper footwear and outerwear are essential while hiking. The bus is only 15 minutes from Asheville, where you can check out the local restaurants and shops (via Airbnb). There are even several farms that welcome visitors or farmer's markets to enjoy (via Explore Asheville).

If the location and the unique "cottage" wasn't enough, the purpose behind it is reason enough to book this quaint Airbnb. The hosts use the funds they earn from the bus to sponsor an artist's residency at Sparklebark. In collaboration with a group of activists, including Southerners on New Ground (SONG), a group of LGBTQ southerners and people of color, the hosts create a safe retreat for these extraordinary artists. Staying at this Airbnb means you're helping people get the opportunity to find peace in nature and allow their artistic skills the shine.