5 Tips For Designing A Stylish And Functional Boot Room

A boot room, also called a mudroom, is a section of your home that you never knew you needed until you've had one installed. Although having a boot room is often associated with country-style living, it has found a place in modern-day homes. The design has evolved so much that you can find one to suit whatever interior style you fancy. The days when boot rooms were relegated to the back of the house are long gone, and this hardworking section of the house is now installed in the front hall for extra convenience. 

For many homeowners, a boot room serves more purpose than aesthetics. It is a functional space that makes life easy in the morning when stepping out and returning in the evening. Besides that, a practical and well-designed mudroom can improve your home value should you choose to sell, mentions Peacock & Company. Nonetheless, to get the most out of your mudroom, you need to be very intentional about the design and style. Take a look at the following tips to help you set up a usable and elegant boot room for your home.

Think about storage

What is a boot room without storage? Your boot room will soon become an undesirable mess without properly considering where you will keep your long winter coats or dirty shoes. Storage areas in most homes are never enough, so to create additional space to fit in a few extra stuff, consider installing different holding areas, for instance, open shelves, storage cubbies, and even hooks for your bags. Another vital storage area that you need not forget is hidden cabinets. 

This is particularly important for keeping away those items that you hardly use. Storing them away from plain sight is a good way of keeping the space clutter-free, according to Elegant Simplicity. Installing bespoke cabinets will give you the best results for a nice and elegant look. However, if you don't have much to splurge on fancy cabinetry, you can always repurpose old furniture, such as an old wardrobe. Be sure to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Durable flooring

For a hardworking space like a boot room, the choice of flooring material will influence how functional the area will be. The boot room in any household is a high-traffic location that also serves as a landing pad for your family, guests, and pets. In this regard, the flooring material should be hardwearing and easy to clean. Remember, high-traffic areas like the boot room get dirty quite often. Therefore, you need flooring material to make the clean-up process a breeze.

According to FlooringStores, tile is one of the best materials for a boot room. What makes floor tiles a good candidate is the fact that they are not only durable but also relatively easy to clean. What's more, tile can also stand up to moisture, not to mention the plenty of style options to select depending on your preference. There are two main types of tiles: ceramic and porcelain; while both are good options, be sure to compare the pros and cons beforehand.

Provide a designated sitting spot

Nothing is as frustrating as trying to balance on one leg when taking off your dirty outdoor boots. Providing ample sitting area will make your boot room space more functional and practical. A seat for your boot room must not be anything fancy; a traditional monk's bench will do for most mudrooms. According to REthority, the standard dimensions of a boot room bench should be up to 48 inches and 18 inches in length and depth, respectively. The beauty of this type of seat is that you can easily add more storage space underneath the bench. 

What's more, a bench is also ideal for a household with many members. It provides a comfortable seating area for more than one person, especially in the morning when everyone has to get ready almost simultaneously. You have the option of styling your bench in whatever way you like. The possibilities are endless, from the color to the choice of fabric. Look for a competent carpenter and create a bespoke bench for your newly installed boot room.

Make the space more hardworking

Get more out of your boot room by incorporating other functional utility services like a washing area. If you have the space, you don't have to limit your boot room to a landing pad only. Make the space more hardworking by installing a sink you can use right after entering the door. This will be particularly handy whenever you need to wash equipment or even your dirty outdoor attire before stepping in. Blue Bath recommends installing the sink in locations with enough room to work and where water spills won't cause any damage. 

The number of sinks or other cleaning essentials you need to install will entirely depend on your family's needs. If you engage in outdoor activities like gardening and fishing or your children are avid sports enthusiasts, having a large sink will be quite beneficial in ensuring cleanup is done quickly and efficiently. You can also go further and install a washer and dryer in your boot room to make it more functional. If you have pets, consider installing a pet station with a dedicated dog washer to quickly clean your pets before letting them back indoors.

Customize according to your lifestyle

A one-style-fits-all mentality does not work when designing your dream boot room. Every household has different needs and preferences; therefore, what would work for one home might not be ideal for the next. With this in mind, it is essential to emphasize that you need to prioritize your daily lifestyle for a fully functional boot room. An excellent place to start is to find those things around your home that do not have a designated space for storage. If your bicycle helmet finds its way to your kitchen countertop or your kids' bags are always on the floor, you need to find practical storage for such items. 

Think about coming up with specific solutions to your problems to improve your daily routine. Other than storage, consider how you want to use your mudroom and how long you intend to spend there. You can cozy up the space with electrical upgrades like a designated charging port and motion sensor lights that add more functionality to your boot room space, mentions Current Electric. Essentially, a boot room needs to work for you; while you can take inspiration online, be sure to incorporate a style that will make your life easier.