The 5 Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods In Denver, Colorado

Looking for the perfect family-friendly neighborhood? Amidst the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado, offers both a natural, outdoor landscape and welcoming environment for families, including several communities to ponder. From hiking, skiing, and snowboarding to biking, fishing, and rock climbing, including the breathtaking mountainscape, and ample green spaces, many people are attracted to the kid-friendly aspect of Colorado's capital city.

Originally a mining town, Denver has developed an urban lifestyle with an outdoorsy flare and is home to more than 287,750 households (via Point2). Families may be drawn to the Mile High City for its seasonal climate and outdoor recreation, including a growing job market, top-rated schools, and its admirable destination as a retirement hub.

What are some of the most popular family-friendly areas within the bustling mountain town? From proximity to the downtown activities like the Denver Zoo to quieter landscapes near the city limits, Denver has numerous districts to suit various sizes of families, as they grow and change. According to Niche, about half of Denver's residents rent while the other half own their homes. For top-rated schools, you might consider the southern regions of Centennial or Littleton, or for safety and comfort, the bounteous spaces to roam within Washington Park. Read on to discover which Denver community may be right for you.


A pretty portion of the Front Range Urban Corridor (southern range of the Rockies), Centennial is a cozy, Home Rule town that offers a chill, yet active vibe with various indoor and outdoor amenities, including numerous hiking trails and parks like Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park and Snobahn Ski + Snowboard Center. Located about 25 minutes southeast of Denver, Centennial is considered one of the most secure neighborhoods within the Denver area, making it an ideal place for growing families.

With room to breathe and explore Cherry Creek State Park is located adjacent to Centennial, as residents have easy access to the Cherry Creek Trail, which goes north and south through the city, plus the notable Centennial Center Park that features 11 acres of green space with a children's splash pad (via Vacation Idea). A former mall, there's also an updated version of the Streets at SouthGlenn, which features a shopping center, movie theater, family-friendly restaurants, and international grocers.

Part of Arapahoe County, Centennial residents are also included in the Littleton Public Schools and Cherry Creek School District, both renowned for their award-winning academic excellence. Some above-average schools are Highland Elementary and Ambleside School of Colorado. One of the top areas to purchase a home, a majority of Centennial residents own their homes with average home values around $500,000.

Greenwood Village

About 15 minutes north of Centennial is Greenwood Village, a well-manicured, tight-knit community that upholds its lucrative history in farming. As settlers moved west in search of gold in the mid-1800s, Greenwood Village was established as a farm and dairy community by the early 20th century, including apple and cherry orchards, among other fruits. With an abundance of parks like Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve and the acclaimed Westlands Park, a 25-acre area with a playground, in-line hockey rink, trails, and sports fields, there's endless opportunities for associating with other families. Greenwood Village remains a top place to get involved within the community, with various educational activities and events for young people and adults all year-round.

Greenwood Village is also home to the Denver Tech Center, a hub for local and international business giants, including the outdoor entertainment space of Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre. Located within the top-rated Cherry Creek School District (voted #2), Greenwood Village offers a variety of exceptional public schools to choose from like Greenwood and Belleview Elementary (via Niche). Many residents own their homes with a median home value on the rise near $1 million with average rent about $2,000 a month.


Known for its genuine outdoor aesthetics, quality schools, sense of community, and local history, Littleton is an ideal neighborhood that offers a vast urban suburban living environment within minutes of downtown Denver. Nearly a direct 15- to 30-minute drive south of the city, Littleton features several reservoirs and lakes like the South Platte Park and Nature Center and Writers Vista Park, including Chatfield State Park nearby. You might explore the living-history Littleton Museum, which showcases 19th-century exhibits of local historic farmlands and the Front Range way of life. The historic block offers various restaurants, shops, and breweries, such as the distinguished Breckenridge Brewery.

As a popular, quintessential familial area, the cost of living in Littleton remains elevated. According to Realtor and resident Landon Bellum, Littleton ranks in the upper level of the national cost-of-living index, and is also relatively more expensive than other parts of Colorado. Besides the vast and astounding amenities of nature and wildlife, Littleton boasts some of the best public schools around, including Littleton Academy (charter) and Mackintosh Academy (IB World School), as they have achieved the state's utmost academic recognition for several years running. A little more than half the residents own as opposed to rent, as the average home median has recently increased to $650,000 (per

North Park Hill

Your family will be at the center of it all in North Park Hill. At the top position, North Park Hill receives an overall A+ rating for places to live in Denver, including all the amenities of family life like affordable housing, nightlife, diversity, schools, and safety. With the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and City Park within proximity, the quaint, urban district is highly residential as nearly 85% of residents are homeowners (per Niche). Average homes may continue to go up, as the median home value has risen from about $580,000 to $695,000 within the last year, with apartment rentals ranging from $1,500 to $1,800 monthly.

A happening area, Park Hill alone (including the South district) is one of the firstborn neighborhoods in Denver that also offers an expansive section of culturally eclectic restaurants and eateries. Only a short five miles from downtown, locals can easily commute to downtown Denver by car, while light rail or bus may take longer (half an hour or more). For outdoor recreation, there's various rural green spaces for hiking and biking like at Sand Creek Park, plus climbing at Denver Rock Park, and diverse activities at Central Park and the Central Park Recreation Center, which offers various sports complexes, elongated pathways, picnic areas, a playground, and skate park nearby.

Washington Park

With shopping and dining on the east end and a natural environment to the west, Washington Park continues to be a highly attractive spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Located about 10 minutes southeast of Denver, the beloved neighborhood is a park lover's dream, as Washington Park features its sprawling and serene namesake consisting of 165 acres with flower gardens, running and cycling trails, and two lakes (Smith and Grasmere), including a boathouse and water sports like kayaking. Locals also love to peruse the Old South Gaylord Street shopping district with its chic boutiques, art galleries, bars, and bistros.

With a lower crime rate than some of the more urban areas of Denver, Washington Park is also a top contender for several of the best schools like Montessori School of Washington Park, Steele Elementary, and Washington Park Early Learning Center, which have all received 5-star ratings (per Google). With captivating outdoor recreation for the entire family, the area is greatly sought after with high-end home values around $800,000 and up, while rent may be available for approximately $1,500 to $2,000 or more a month.