Why You Should Consider Painting Your Bathroom Sky Blue

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in a home, but they can also have an enormous impact on your experience and that of guests. These spaces are retreat areas, given the amount of time the average person spends doing everything from soaking in long baths to the more obvious personal activities. While bathrooms come in all colors and décor schemes, some perennial favorites most people opt for include basic white or cream, lush or soft greens, and varying shades of blue. You will usually find bathrooms in colors meant to be spa-like and relaxing. 

While many opt for white or neutral paint and variously colored accents in their bathroom spaces, according to Zillow, you might want to consider pale sky blue as an alternative. According to the popular real estate site, painting your home throughout with soft but varied shades can mean more interested buyers and higher asking prices to the tune of up to $4,600, with sky blue coming in at the top of what buyers respond to. There are several reasons why this popular fresh shade makes a splash in bathrooms, from its soothing nature to endless adaptability.

Soothing and relaxing

According to Decoholic, blue is almost always cited as one of the most popular colors to paint the rooms in your home. While it comes in a dizzying array of shades and depths, from midnight indigo to barely there aqua, softer blues are often a popular choice for their soothing and fresh feel in any room. As the color of the sky and water, it's a natural shade that immediately reminds us of the outdoors. Even sky blue has various incarnations, from moodier dusty blues of cloudy days to bright, piercing hyacinth blue of sunny afternoons and everything in between. 

Light blues are a perfect choice for bathrooms, given their nature as a watery space element-wise. They are also one of the most soothing colors, according to Verywell Mind, matched only with green coming in second for its relaxing properties. This also means that greener-tinged shades of blue, like palest aqua and robin egg blue, are often the most appealing colors for many. 

Flexible and adaptable

Not only is pale and sky blue relaxing and beautiful in your bathroom, but it's also highly flexible and adaptable to your design style and needs. Coming in warmer, tinged blues and cooler ones, it pairs well with almost every color in the spectrum, via Foter Mag, looking great with neutrals like white, cream, brown, and gray. Other colors also love blue, making it great to mix with other pastels and shades like mustard, yellow, and orange. Even red can look stunning with a soft aqua shade. Sky blue is also great for layering with different shades of blue, like teal, turquoise, cobalt, and navy, for a monochromatic effect. 

Soft blue is also an excellent match for various décor styles, from vintage-inspired styles like cottage and farmhouse to minimalist modern and industrial rooms. It also works well in sea-glass-colored bathrooms when mixed with shades of green, seafoam, and cream. One of the reasons for its popularity among potential homebuyers is that it's easy to imagine their own style incorporating the shade.