This Decor Piece Is The Key To Making Your Entryway Feel Bigger

Walking through tight spaces can feel claustrophobic, especially if those spaces are inside your home. Hallways and entryways are often the smaller areas of the interior since they lead from one room to another. However, that doesn't mean you should feel enclosed every time you walk through them. Additionally, when guests visit, you want them to feel comfortable walking freely throughout the house. 

Design blogger Board & Vellum claim entryways impact our lives daily when we leave the house and return. When you first walk through the door, you want to feel welcomed and relaxed, instantly forgetting the outside world. It sets the mood for the rest of the house, especially when visitors are over. It's imperative to create a warm and inviting entrance that will make an excellent first impression. The entryway is also the perfect spot for extra storage, such as a small bench or coat rack. You don't want to walk through the entire house with a wet jacket and drip water all over the floor, so a coat rack by the front door is ideal for letting it hang dry.

If your entryway is on the smaller side, this décor piece can help make it feel more prominent.

Strategically place a mirror to maximize space

We know that good lighting and the right paint color can make any space appear larger, but mirrors also get the job done. The secret to making any area look more extensive, like an entryway, is where you place the mirror. Since the mirror reflects whatever is across from it, it can make or break your strategy.

According to blogger 1-800 Lighting, you should place your mirror across from a window to reflect the light that filters through. Sometimes mirrors will be designed with frames that resemble window panes to make it easier to display if you don't have a window. However, if you prefer natural lighting, put the mirror across from a doorway that joins another room to reflect the light coming from that space. The natural light from an adjoining room or window will fill the entryway, making it appear larger while still offering a cozy feeling.

Types of mirrors for the entryway

You can use different types of mirrors in an entryway, but a round, square, or detailed mirror that hangs on the wall works best. Home BNC suggests that a large round mirror with terra cotta framing is perfect for an earthy feel in the entryway. Pair it with a beautiful multi-colored rug in tones of green, orange, and red to enhance the earthy theme. Plus, if you have a repurposed wood console table, it would look stunning under the mirror while tying the whole space together.

A thin wood-framed rectangular mirror can make the entryway appear bigger if you prefer a simple look. You can match it with any neutral rug to fit the interior's colors or opt for a bold color to add contrast. The larger the mirror, the bigger the entryway will feel with the amount of light reflected. Add a few shelves next to the mirror with small décor pieces, so it doesn't look empty. Wood Stock Outlet suggests grouping two to three mirrors to create a larger space. They don't have to be big mirrors; you can use small mirrors to make a gallery wall, for example.