Why You Need An Interior Designer For This Part Of Your Home, According To HGTV's Breegan Jane

Everyone knows that designing your home can be an expensive and long journey. From choosing furniture to paint colors, flooring, and hardware, it's a lot to process as you decipher the best combination that will be complementary and harmonious. However, you don't have to do it alone. Breegan Jane, host of "Dream Home," emphasizes that certain parts of your residence should be assessed by an interior designer. As a Los Angeles-based interior designer herself, she has proven her talents on over six Warner Brothers Discovery shows and is known for her modern yet elegant style (via Breegan Jane).

Yes, it can be expensive to hire a professional, but it can save you from future expenses. Imagine purchasing materials and installing them, believing they'll look amazing, just to hate it and redo the whole process. You can avoid this by working with someone who is trained to choose materials and furnishings that will look best in your home. Here's the one area of the home where interior design expertise is particularly important, according to Jane.

Big expenses in the kitchen

When it comes to countertops and backsplashes, Breegan Jane advises calling an interior designer first, per her website. These materials are expensive, so you want to get things right the first time. Designers are typically trained to understand the maintenance needs of different types of products. For example, if you live in a home with a large family, an interior designer will most likely sway you from installing natural marble countertops, which are prone to damage. And instead lead you towards something less susceptible to staining, such as manufactured stone.

Jane also notes that designers won't choose materials just because they're currently aesthetically pleasing — a common mistake homeowners make — since they're aware of how quickly trends change. Instead, they will help you choose backsplashes and countertops that will complement your space and create a long-lasting look. And although this whole process may be costly at first, homeowners will save money in the long run because designers will choose materials that won't have to be replaced for years.

Tips and connections

Another reason to call in for design help for your countertops and backsplashes — connections. Breegan Jane notes that interior designers are helpful when it comes to hiring trustworthy contractors. Nothing's worse than finding the perfect materials for your home and watching as someone completely ruins the beautiful design you envisioned. Luckily, a good interior designer will have connections to find the best people to get the job done right the first time. 

The same goes for finding vendors! Designers will know the best places to buy your materials — and sometimes their clients might have access to materials they wouldn't find at a public retailer. As Jane notes, this can help you save time, money, and a whole lot in effort of sifting through local contractors and retailers. Your success is your designer's success, so they'll always want to point you in the right direction and make sure your home is in good hands.