Why Cracking Your Windows Open In Winter Does Wonders For Your Home

Keeping yourself and your home as warm as possible is always a primary focus when the weather turns frosty. Thus, you might be bundling up, lighting candles, using the fireplace, or finding other ways to feel extra cozy during winter. You might also be checking every inch of your house to ensure the cold air cannot get in. However, it's important to have fresh air circulating in and out of the house throughout the year — not just during the summer. This way, optimal air quality can be maintained throughout your home.

When the house isn't aired out properly, you risk respiratory diseases becoming triggered and mold developing on the walls, per Tech Sterowniki. It's common to keep the windows open in the summer heat, but proper ventilation should also be prioritized during winter. Here's why cracking your windows open in winter works wonders for your home and why you should do it more.

Improves your home's air quality

Opening windows during winter is great for your home because it lets out the stale air that becomes trapped indoors. Pollution in the air can be caused by heaters and even candles, per HVAC Boss, which is why it's essential to keep your rooms fresh. Bacteria also thrive in warmth and humidity, so letting clean air inside cuts down their rate of survival. In addition to opening the window, shake out your bedding and move the mattresses to remove dust mites and discourage mold growth.

By opening the windows for as little as five minutes a day in the winter, you can improve the air quality of your home. First, lower the temperature of your radiator or heater to minimize energy loss. Then, keep the windows wide open to make the most of the short time (via Tech Sterowniki). Finally, ensure you're aware of how much time you're keeping the windows open to avoid running up the heating bill.

Health benefits

According to AccuWeather, illnesses connected to air pollution are more fatal than car crashes globally. This means it's essential for your health that the air quality in your home is acceptable and harmful pollutants are kept at bay. Excessive exposure to air pollution affects health in various ways, and it is a more serious concern in the winter since the cold and dry air keeps pollutants trapped (via Airthings). Opening up your windows so that air circulates is a great way to reduce your risk of getting sick from the harmful substances in the air.

Fresh air benefits the body because it cleans the lungs, bolsters the immune system, and even helps with digestion. It also reduces the chance of catching airborne diseases and increases feelings of energy and sharpness, per Healthier Steps. So clear out those allergens and get some clean air into your home this winter by cracking open the windows, even if it's for five minutes!