3 Of The Best-Selling Area Rugs At Walmart

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Whether it's your living room, bedroom, or dining room — they all feel naked without an area rug. It's the perfect way to add the missing touches your space needs without going overboard. The different colors, patterns, and shapes make it a versatile décor piece that all homeowners should take advantage of. Additionally, area rugs also have a plethora of useful functionalities. According to Online Tapijten, these rugs can protect your floor from various types of damage, absorb noise, add comfort to a space, and create a warm ambiance.

However, finding the perfect area rug is an overwhelming experience since thousands are available at hundreds of different stores. So, we've narrowed it down to the three best-selling products you can find at Walmart. This multi-national retail cooperation is known for selling all types of merchandise and is a popular option amongst homeowners due to its affordability. We'll break down all you need to know, including the best ways to style them.

Crimson red

First on the list is the Thornhill Indoor/Outdoor Geometric area rug from Walmart. It is vibrant crimson-red color and displays a simple white lattice pattern. We could imagine this style in various yet similar design aesthetics, such as traditional, rustic, and farmhouse. It's currently priced at $150.99, and its dimensions are 7.83 x 10.83 feet, making it a suitable size for a living room, dining room, or patio. Additionally, since it's meant for indoor and outdoor use, the polypropylene material it's composed of makes it stain- and fade-resistant. 

If you're hoping to lay this rug out on the patio this summer, we suggest complementing it with wrought iron furniture. Its charcoal color will easily contrast the bright white shade while simultaneously complementing the red hue. However, for those curious about introducing this product to their dining room, we advise combining it with dark wood and metal materials. This way, the bright red color will stand out, while the wood tones create a comfortable atmosphere.

Faux jute

Next on the list is the Arha Indoor/Outdoor area rug, priced at about $152.99. Similar to the previous product, this item is also made of polypropylene, making it resistant to stains and fading. However, although it's not made of jute or sisal, its neutral color and texture make it seem like it's constructed with natural woven material. The diamond pattern is also a nice touch that adds subtle interest. Therefore, it's a beautiful option for both bohemian or beach-themed homes. Additionally, this product is offered in 5 x 7 feet and 7.83 x 10 feet.

We can picture this area rug in a living room with white and blue seating and other décor made of natural materials. It can create a relaxing vibe, especially if complemented with sheer white drapery and a few leafy plants. If you choose to utilize this product outdoors, we suggest pairing it with furniture made of dark wood tones.

Faded beauty

Last is the Yaeli Indoor/Outdoor area rug, which is $145.20. We've noted that this area rug is also made of polypropylene, just like the other two products. It seems that a popular trend among Walmart customers is their desire for products with versatile placement and durability. However, what makes this item stand out from the others is its faded oriental pattern, which can be used to complement most design schemes. Additionally, it's composed of navy blue and ivory colors and available in two sizes: 5 x 7 feet and 7.83 x 10 feet.

Those who choose to place this product in their living room should consider complementing it with a light gray, ivory, or off-white sofa. Your first instinct may be to choose something bright white, but the contrast would be too stark against the neutral shades. We also suggest pairing it with natural wood décor and gold accents.