Christina Hall's Simple Flooring Trick To Help Make A Small Room Pop

The type of flooring you choose can make or break a home. It significantly contributes to the aesthetic of a space and has practical benefits, from its resistance to wear and tear to its general durability. 

Christina Hall, famous for her HGTV show Christina on the Coast, is now back with her new show, Christina in the Country and she is giving out helpful tips to upgrade a country-style home while preserving its essence. An all-white kitchen, a new living room bar, and a mudroom are some of the changes she suggests to a family of six in the episode Diamond in the Rough (via Realtor.) 

The type, color, and material of your flooring can make a huge difference in a room, which is why Hall's suggestion results in a clean, fresh look for the new laundry-turned-mudroom. Here's Christina Hall's latest trick to make a small room pop and some other flooring hacks you need for your home.

A unique tile

The right choice of tile is a clever way to boost the aesthetic of a room, especially when the space is limited. While it doesn't add any space, the right tile can be used strategically to give a feeling of openness. This is why Hall's suggestion to add a symmetrically patterned tile works well in the tiny room. She presents two designs to the couple, one bold and one light, and they choose the light tile design. It goes very well with the white furniture and maintains that bright, airy feel.

In addition to a symmetrical design, certain colors, patterns, and shapes can also make a small room pop. Long shapes laid out horizontally can make a space feel extended. Moreover, the Tile Club explains that patterns like herringbone create an optical illusion that makes the room appear wider because the eye focuses on the V shape. Light, plain, and solid colors are also good options to give the illusion of more space.

Other options

When it comes to flooring types, Hall also recommends vinyl as a good option for your home. High-quality vinyl flooring tiles have become a common hack to achieve a luxury look. Vinyl is available in many styles that look classy while also being easy to maintain and take care of. She makes a case for this type of flooring over carpeting and traditional wood for its durability and affordability, according to Realtor.

Dark-colored flooring is another suggestion Hall gives to suit any home style. Working with a couple that needed to decide between making their kitchen bright and airy or giving it black features, she offered a compromise of dark vinyl flooring with both light and dark cabinets. The combination of mixed-colored cabinets, dark floors, and an abundance of natural light made their kitchen look classy and interesting. It also felt more spacious and open. This is because dark floors can bring a contrast to an otherwise light room that won't prevent it from feeling airy. When done right, this flooring trick adds a certain richness that makes a small room look sophisticated.