Gray Bathroom Ideas That Are Too Cool To Pass Up

After more than a few years of trending, gray is no longer the new kid on the block in home decorating. Regardless, this icy shade is holding its own in popularity as a neutral and will likely remain on decorating agendas for years to come. The huge variety of gray paint shades and materials you can choose for bathroom essentials can be particularly interesting whether you're just freshening up a bit or contemplating a complete remodel. 

For those who went gray in a bathroom years ago and are now feeling a little blah with the look, you don't have to redo everything to get a new perspective on gray. Changing out mirrors and fixtures or adding wallpaper to complement what's already there can be enough of a change to keep you happy with your gray. From rough and rustic to sleek and modern, some of these suggestions are edgy, and others are subdued, but they're all cool in one way or another.

Rock on

While you might not automatically associate a gray pebble wall with a modern bathroom, this look definitely brings the outdoors inside for a look that just works. The white floors, tub, and basin help to lighten the mood of this functional space in the right way, too. 

Adjust the contrast

Here's an idea: Swap out those tired chrome fixtures and cabinet hardware in your light gray bathroom with some that kick up the contrast. The coordinating oval mirrors in this room are also a great way to break up the angular feel of the cabinets and sinks for an updated look with minimal expense. 

Go boulder

While gray everything isn't everyone's idea of the perfect bathroom, there's nothing like adding a unique boulder-shaped wash basin to create an amazing focal point. Extra kudos for the matching rocky soap dispenser and that almost invisible shelf that blends right into the wall. 

A touch of gray

If you just want a little gray in a bathroom, quartz can be the way to go for both walls and flooring. The patterns in the graining are eye-catching and it adds that desired smidge of icy color without going overboard. 

Going au natural

Wood cabinets in a gray bathroom? Absolutely. Even in small spaces, adding wood grain cabinetry as a contrast to gray adds a warm, natural vibe that just works. Don't want to completely pull out the cabinets to update your gray bathroom? Consider refacing them instead. 

Warm it up

One way to update your gray bathroom is to add the warmth of gold. In this case, swapping out mirrors to get a trending look lets you keep your expensive remodel a while longer while creating a new focal point for the room. 

Patterns of life

Can you imagine this bathroom without hexagon-patterned gray and white wallpaper? Neither can we. It's the perfect finishing touch. 

Toss the tub

Ready to toss out your tub and open up the space with a freestanding shower? Here's a classic clean and fresh gray look to ponder. 

Welcome to the jungle

If you have the luxury of creating an outdoor shower like this one, you might as well make it look like an inviting jungle retreat. Gray concrete walls look right at home with the ferns and the enclosed tub area.