Egypt Sherrod And Mike Jackson On What It Takes To Build A Successful Real Estate Team

While love, marriage, and business don't always go together, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson sure do make it look good. The couple stars in HGTV's "Married To Real Estate," in which they help clients purchase houses and to turn them into personalized homes. Egypt Sherrod focuses on managing the real estate angle and has over 20 years of experience as a realtor. She made her mark on HGTV in the early 2000s with the show "Property Virgins" and later "Flipping Virgins." Mike Jackson, husband to Sherrod, plays more of his part in the team after the closing. He handles the practical and creative side of the renovations as a top-notch designer and builder with a penchant for out-of-the-box solutions and DIY. 

Even though both Sherrod and Jackson are remarkably talented and business savvy, it can still be difficult to combine efforts and let one another shine. Here's how the HGTV couple manages to work as a collaborative real estate team. 

The power of partners

Any partnership, be it in real estate or otherwise, is built on solid communication and a healthy dose of trust. This holds true for Jackson and Sherrod, but that hasn't always come easily. Reflecting on season 1 hiccups, Jackson shared in an interview with TV Insider about how he believes they have improved as a duo. "I think where our dynamic has grown is in our communication and understanding," he says. Sherrod says that a big part of their success is their ability to keep it moving no matter what obstacles come their way. "I think if anything we found more ways to laugh. Laugh at each other and roll with the punches." 

Sherrod also shared the trailer for season 2 of "Married to Real Estate" on her Instagram, in which she reflects on what makes Jackson a truly great partner, stating, "He can literally do it all. Like, if I can conceive it, he can achieve it." This confidence in her partner's talent and ability to bring their vision to life definitely helps to keep the team's relationship intact. That Sherrod is also extremely good at what she does helps, too. In the same trailer, Jackson adds, "The thing that makes my wife a great business partner is that she's extremely savvy when it comes to business overall." The couple lets each other shine in their own way for a healthy, positive partnership. 

Communication for all

That ability to prioritize open and frequent communication is not limited to how they treat each other but also how they work with clients. Sherrod's role doesn't stop after she hands the keys over, lending her expertise to market trends throughout the renovation process, stating, "What I'm trying to make sure is that everyone just stays empowered and encouraged" in an interview with ET. This thoughtful, empowerment-focused approach is one of the many things that make this real estate duo unique. 

Jackson adds, "Outside of empowered, we also want to make sure that people are educated. We don't want to just be doing and doing and doing and not informing you why it's being done and how it's being done." Often, whether on a TV show or in real life, contractors and real estate agents seem to move through their own worlds, only informing clients about budget or material changes as an afterthought. But Sherrod and Jackson work hard to remain courteous and communicative with each client for the entire duration of what can be a stressful, not to mention expensive, time.