10 Above-The-Sink Shelves That Will Add Storage To A Small Kitchen

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Homeowners with a small kitchen typically share the same problem; a lack of storage space. Most of the time, a smaller kitchen won't have an island that provides storage underneath, and there typically aren't many cabinets either. So, which area of the kitchen can you turn to next when you're in need of extra space? Well, there's usually just enough room right above your sink to install an innovative storage system. Also, there are many designs to choose from made of a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, wood, wrought iron, and more. 

With many options available, you will not have trouble finding something to complement your hardware or other finishes, but finding the perfect shelving system for your kitchen can quickly become stressful with so many choices. Therefore, we have found 10 options that will act as a crucial storage component and a stylish addition for your kitchen space.

1. Shelves with cubbies

This shelving system from Montgomery Ward features multiple levels of surface area that offer space for various items. It also has small cubbies where you can hide away smaller tools. We especially appreciate the small wire basket that can be used to hold sponges. It's currently priced at about $65.

2. Fun floral pattern

This floral, wrought iron shelf from Ginny's is an especially beautiful option for those with a similar pattern featured elsewhere in their kitchen. It's currently $50, and it provides multiple surfaces to store different items, such as soap and hand towels.

3. Copper finish

This copper metal shelf from My Gift is a vibrant and stunning option that is wide enough to hold several essential kitchen items. It's currently priced at $74, and the length can be changed depending on your needs.

4. Planter shelf

Can't find the perfect space for your plants? Well, putting them above the kitchen sink may be your best choice, especially if they require a lot of moisture. This kitchen sink shelf planter from Etsy starts at $30 and is available in various sizes and finishes.

5. Minimalistic charm

If you're hoping to maintain the minimalist aesthetic of your kitchen, we suggest incorporating something like the Home Basics over-the-sink shelf from Ashley Home Stores. It's a simple, wooden design that can hold a few essential items and help alleviate the clutter of your space. It's currently priced at $27.

6. Multifunctional tool

However, if you're someone who needs to maximize every inch of their space, then the dish rack shelf from Home Furniture Life may be more suited for your kitchen. It holds everything from plates to silverware, kitchen utensils, and more. Currently, it's priced at about $76.

7. A larger option

This two-tier stainless steel shelving system from Sears is a useful option for those who live in a small apartment or home with minimal countertop or cabinet space. It's about $148 and can hold even pots and pans. 

8. Pop of color

This red 3-Bar Sink Shelf from Montgomery Ward is $50 and is capable of storing a few items while also adding a pop of color to your kitchen. 

9. Useful features

This sink shelf from Stoneberry offers not only extra storage space but also a convenient towel holder feature which can help further free up counter space. It's currently priced at $50.

10. Covered storage

This shelving system from Amazon is $93 and is an excellent option for those who want shelving that can hide some of their items and eliminate the sense of clutter.