The TikTok Viral Portable Bathtub Is Perfect For Small, Shower-Only Apartments

Portable bathtubs are a convenient option for people who don't have a bathtub in their home but still want the luxury of being able to soak comfortably instead of only standing to shower. They're also helpful in bathing children and other types of people who need assistance. One type of portable bathtub, known as the bucket bathtub, has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a few videos shared by TikToker @kkland, who first posted a quick look at the tub, followed by a Q&A. Answering viewer questions, @kkland went over how comfortable she finds her bucket bathtub to lean back in, its little seat, and the simple drain at the tub's bottom.

According to a House Digest survey, most people prefer having a walk-in shower over options like a tub-and-shower combo, a rain shower, and various other types of shower enclosures due to how spacious the bathroom feels. Portable bathtubs can be a great supplement if you have a walk-in shower or live in an apartment with only a shower because they provide the best of both worlds. Cylinder-shaped portable tubs, like the bucket bathtub, may not allow for laying down horizontally like normal bathtubs do but their materials make the water stay warm longer and the shape requires less water as well.

What is a portable bathtub?

Portable bathtubs, like the one featured in @kkland's TikTok above, are small tubs that are easy to move around and great for saving space in a bathroom — particularly, a small bathroom — or as a solution to a bathroom that lacks a tub, such as those found in many apartments. Made from light materials like plastic, they come in various sizes and shapes and are easy to set up and store away. Portable tubs can be inflatable, foldable, or just as-is.

Per another House Digest survey, freestanding tubs rank as the second-most popular choice for bathtubs in the home; however, it's possible that this style's higher cost is what keeps it from reaching No. 1. This makes the portable bathtub a great alternative because it allows you to create the modern style of a freestanding tub within your budget. Normal freestanding tubs also require a lot of space to achieve the best aesthetics in a bathroom, but small, movable tubs are better if you have limited space.

Benefits of a portable bathtub and how to set it up

Most portable bathtubs drain from the bottom, which is a convenient design for showers because the water can be emptied easily instead of having to be poured out. Just ensure the tub you get fits properly above your shower drain so the emptying process is seamless.

If you live in a shower-only apartment, a portable bathtub can be just what you need to make your bathroom your oasis, but these tubs can be useful for other activities as well.

For example, they can be placed outdoors if you want to soak in nature, for leisure, and even for health reasons. Also, turning a portable bathtub into a makeshift pool is a great way for kids to play outside in the heat. Ice bath therapy has become popular of late as well, and a portable tub can be all you need to set up a cold plunge right in your home.