Use TikTok's Paper Towel Hack To Pour Paint Without The Mess

Painting the walls in your home can be an exciting project, but dealing with the mess is not. While you're choosing paint colors and getting ready to transform your living room, bedroom, or bathroom into something more vibrant, you might not be thinking about how to ensure the paint stays on the brush, roller, and walls instead of on the side of the paint can or the floor. Thankfully, this easy trick using paper towels will help you pour paint without the mess or a lengthy cleanup.

The hack was posted on TikTok by @simplykatielynn, and will make pouring your paint stress-free. If you're trying to save money and avoid purchasing a spout, this trick is perfect, as it only requires a single paper towel. It will also prevent paint from accumulating in the rim of the can, keeping it from closing properly. Not only will you keep your space clean while painting, but you'll also be able to make sure that expensive paint doesn't dry out prematurely.

Using a paper towel to pour out paint

While you could buy a spout for your paint can or try making one out of painter's tape, this TikTok paper towel hack is simpler and faster than running to the store or trying to clean up the mess a DIY spout might leave behind. It's as easy as ripping a paper towel off the roll, folding it in half, and lining the edge of your paint can.

Make sure to stick the folded edge of the paper towel into the paint can's rim and leave the rest hanging down the side of the can while you pour. Once your paint is in the tray, you can pull the paper towel off. The result? No paint in the rim of the can, and it won't be running down the side of the can and onto the floor either.

Plus, if your paint happens to dribble somewhere it shouldn't, you can quickly wipe it up with the paper towel that's already there.

More uses for this painting hack

If you know you'll need to use the same paint again shortly, you can simply fold the paper towel over the can while you work. This will keep your paint fresh without having to reseal the lid and reopen it again when you need more. When you're certain you're finished, just remove the paper towel, wipe up any droplets, and easily reseal the lid without having to worry about dried paint getting in the way.

You may be concerned about using a lot of paper towels if you're painting a lot of space over a longer period of time. This trick can be made more environmentally friendly by using a small rag or any piece of cloth (like an old, ratty T-shirt or a washcloth). Rather than throwing away an armful of paper towels, you'll be able to wash out the rags with warm water and dish soap and use them again.

But whichever you decide on, cloths or paper towels, this painting hack is easy, affordable, and will allow you to paint freely without the mess.