The Viral Glowing Countertop Trend Is Illuminating Kitchens Everywhere

Homeowners have become increasingly keen on their kitchen aesthetics over the years and are willing to stretch their budgets further to realize their décor goals. Countertops are one of the main design considerations, with homeowners spending about $2,200 on average for countertops. Beyond the aesthetic, functionality is also key, and homeowners want the best of both worlds. Countertops come in a range of materials, but glowing countertops have recently gained popularity through TikTok. As seen in a video from Interieur (, these distinctive marble countertops give off a brilliant appearance that can add a beautiful touch to any kitchen. 

Glowing countertops are great additions to a modern or contemporary kitchen for the stunning visual interest they bring. They offer ambient lighting, which can transform the kitchen into a tranquil, comforting environment, and can match a lot of styles and aesthetics. In terms of drawbacks, glowing countertops are expensive to obtain and install, especially depending on the material and lighting options you choose. They are also a new phenomenon, which can make it challenging to find a reputable supplier or professional to install them.

How a glowing countertop works

There are different ways to put together glowing countertops. For backlit countertops, LED panels or strips need to be installed under translucent countertop materials like glass or natural stone, as done by TikTok creator John Horrell ( You can also use Light Tape, which works similarly but is created to fit your surface and ensure that it lights evenly. Alternatively, glow sand or glow rocks can be mixed in with the countertop right from when it's being molded (via Ambient Glow Technology). Another option is LumiStone, a photoluminescent acrylic surface material that's powered by natural or artificial light.

Based on your preference, you can get lights and colors that will maintain a gentle, consistent glow in the dark or sharp, vibrant colors like in this video from TikTok creator Integral Fun (@integralfun). To get the right glowing countertop look in your kitchen, it absolutely needs to work with the rest of the space. Opt for more neutrals in the space to nail that ambient lighting and try to tone down the intensity on other features so the countertops can (literally) shine.

Costs of glowing countertops

The costs will depend on the types of materials and lighting system you want for your countertop. Installation costs may also be applicable as professional installation is often necessary for backlit countertops. While it is possible to set up your backlit kitchen counter yourself, a lot of DIY experience is needed for this, especially since some wiring work is required.

Glass countertops in the kitchen are great for the glowing effect but can be expensive to fix in case of any issues. If you want LEDs, it generally costs around $90 to $100 per square foot to get and install them; Light Tape is more expensive than LEDs but requires much less installation effort. If you're going for LumiStone, it is installed just like a normal countertop and needs no power or bulbs, which means no wiring. One tip to cut the cost down when buying strips or packs of these materials is to illuminate only the island. This way, you can make it a strong focal point of the kitchen.