Rich Ranch Decor: The Luxurious Design Trend That's Bringing Crystal To The Countryside

To understand the rich ranch aesthetic, picture this: You're enjoying a night out on the town when a dreamy rancher in a black hat sidles up to you and asks for a two-step. Perhaps you've never met before, but you've heard that their family has lived in the area for generations. You accept the dance — they're obviously a pro — and when you round up the night and step outside into the warm summer air, you half expect to find a white horse tied to the hitching post. In its place, there's a white Mercedes, a chauffeur, and champagne. The "rich ranch" aesthetic is the ultimate Texan-meets-mansion décor style, complete with rustic furniture, contemporary pieces, natural textures, and glamorous touches like crystal, silver, and turquoise. 

Can't decide between a rustic boho and classic glam home décor aesthetic? If you're looking for a style that brings the best of both worlds, you may want to give rich ranch a try. Rich ranch, luxury livestock, wealthy western, cowboys and chandeliers — whatever you want to call it, it's indulgent, down-to-earth, and bound to make you want to boot-scoot boogie. Learn more about the key facets of the style and how you can incorporate it into your home, even if you don't have a ranch. 

The country ranch gets a grand makeover

Perhaps the rich ranch trend isn't so shocking, considering the massive influx of people — namely wealthy Californians — moving to Texas, Colorado, and other areas in the south and western parts of the United States. In fact, Texas is the most popular state where Californians are moving, and according to ABC News, about 68,700 California residents move to the Lone Star State every year. With more and more people moving to the South, it makes sense that trends in fashion and home design may follow suit as people are inspired by their surroundings. The rise of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, western fashion, cowboy boots, and music artists like Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan demonstrates our society's current obsession with romanticizing the country lifestyle. 

Enter: the rich ranch. Rich ranch has elements of traditional country ranch décor, including limestone, natural fabrics, native artwork, woven blankets, reclaimed wood pieces, and horse and livestock motifs. To give the country design a "glam" makeover, pieces like crystal chandeliers, plush brown leather, reclaimed and collected furniture, and local precious materials like turquoise and silver come into play. Rich ranch can also have exotic elements, like imported furniture pieces and unique animals.

Bringing rich ranch to your home

You don't have to have a mansion in Colorado to pull off the rich ranch look. Although they run through similar pastures, you'll want to steer clear of the modern farmhouse aesthetic. The rich ranch style is more rustic, luxurious, and occasionally gaudy. Think old money, heavy woods, and rich, natural textures and colors. Painting your walls in a warm, soft white is a great place to start, but consider leaving your trim, baseboard, or doors in a natural wood to add coziness and rustic texture. If you're feeling extra inspired, try a limewashed wall or faux limestone wall.

Décor for the rich ranch style is eclectic and collected, so there's no need to rush out for a shopping spree. Balance vintage furniture with new, luxurious pieces, and collect items on your travels or from local artists and antique shops. A wrought iron chandelier or leather armchair can be a good mid-range investment, but simple touches like woven pillows or clay pottery can also be effective. Tasteful taxidermy and animal artwork is a great way to instantly capture that rich ranch vibe, especially if you can find pieces with unique and exotic animals like zebra, longhorn, peacocks, and blackbuck. If you're looking to make a bold statement, a custom-carved wood door, rustic wood table, or imported rug is a great investment that will raise the value of the whole room — and potentially your whole home.