DIY A Huge Mirror Yourself For A Fraction Of The Cost

Creating a mirror can be a fun and cost-effective DIY project because it requires a fraction of the cost you'd pay for a pre-made option from the store. By sourcing the materials and constructing them yourself, you can find budget-friendly materials and cut down on the price of labor. TikTok user @tastemadehome purchased a 36 by 60-inch mirror for $55, glued it to a board, and framed it. The entire project cost her around $100. Conversely, a product of a similar size could be as much as $500. 

In addition to being an affordable alternative, putting together a mirror from scratch is an opportunity for creative expression. You can experiment as much as you want through the process of designing and crafting a mirror by choosing the size, shape, frame, and other elements. It is also a valuable learning experience as it allows you to develop new skills and explore different crafting techniques.

Step-by-step guide

To DIY a huge mirror, you need a standard mirror glass of your desired size, glue, a sheet of plywood, a material for the frame, such as wood or metal, screws, and any decorative elements like paint or stain. You also need protective equipment like gloves, safety goggles, and a mask.

Start by measuring and cutting your plywood to match the shape and size of the mirror, leaving some room for the frame. Apply wood glue to the plywood before laying down the mirror and pressing it firmly into place. For the frame, cut your material into the size and shape you need and glue them down in the open space around the glass. If you're painting or staining it, do this before adding any of the decorative elements you chose. Finally, attach a hanging accessory like a hook or wire to the back of the mirror and make sure it's securely attached with screws.

Embellishing your DIY mirror

There are different ways to beautify your mirror. You can make a custom frame out of clay, plaster, or even foam like one recent TikTok trend, or paint the frame or the mirror in solid colors or with patterns and motifs. Etching or engraving designs are some other ways to create a personalized design. The tools needed are glass etching cream, a paintbrush, a stencil, vinyl paper, and a knife blade. An easier option would be to use a laser engraver. Decorative decals or stickers are another easy way to add designs that are also removable.

Additionally, the mirror's edge can be embellished with decorative trim, like ribbon or lace, or by creatively using something like seashells. A simple, classic decoration is to surround the mirror with a string of fairy lights or LED strip lights to create a soft and ambient glow in the space.