Here's How Bobby Berk Uses Temporary Wallpaper To Transform Your Home

A mundane room can make you feel unproductive or damper your mood, so finding ways to add life and personality will help prevent that. Temporary wallpaper glamorizes a space and is often used on walls as the primary focus or as a feature. However, if you enjoy your home's appearance, you can use the wallpaper for other things, such as placing it on wooden stairs. Interior designer Bobby Berk claims that temporary wallpaper can be used outside the norm since it sticks to any surface and elevates any area. The "Queer Eye" design expert always has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to decorating a space, especially when he has to work with tight deadlines.

Temporary wallpaper is simple to use since it's peel-and-stick, so you can remove it whenever you want to change a room's ambiance. Moreover, it adds a stylish touch and looks like regular wallpaper, except it's not a hassle to install. It's the ideal décor piece for designers, home DIYers, and anyone looking to spruce up their home. Applying temporary wallpaper to the walls takes time and patience, but there are other ways to use it that will make the application process a breeze.

Frame the temporary wallpaper

Décor makes a significant difference to a room's look. Whether you display vases, mini sculptures, artwork, photo frames, or small trinkets, they all enhance a room so that it doesn't look bare. Most homeowners display artwork, but it can be the most expensive choice. There are different types of art, such as paintings and prints, that range in various prices. Usually, the smaller artworks are more affordable, and as the size increase, they get more expensive.

However, Bobby Berk suggests framing and displaying temporary wallpaper on any wall to add instant interest to the space. You can purchase a large canvas used for painting and stick the temporary wallpaper over it, or buy a frame to showcase the wallpaper. For the latter option, you can simply cut a piece of the temporary wallpaper and slip it into the frame without sticking it to the backboard. You'll have gorgeous artwork in your home that costs less than what you'll often find online or at your local furniture store. 

Use temporary wallpaper to decorate your bookshelves

Another popular décor item for homeowners is a built-in or freestanding bookcase in the office or living room, which can be used to display books and other embellishments. There is often a blank wall behind the shelves of a built-in bookcase, making temporary wallpaper the perfect choice to add contrast and color. Bobby Berk advises using a neutral or toned-down pattern to prevent the bookcase from looking overloaded on top of the décor items.

You can match the temporary wallpaper to your bookshelves in multiple ways. For example, if you enjoy decorating with brighter colors, like pink, choose softer shades or neutral colors for the interior, like light gray or pastel pink, for a minimal look. On the other hand, a room designed with patterned wallpaper would pair best with a solid, subtle temporary wallpaper on the bookshelves. Avoid using multiple patterns to prevent the designs from clashing. Alternatively, if you have leaf-style wallpaper on all the walls, keep the bookcase's backdrop a single neutral hue for simplicity, or add a pop of color with an orange or red option, for example. Also, keep in mind the general shades of your books and trinkets when making your choice.