14 Kitschy Bolt Covers To Make Your Toilet Look Snazzy

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In your home, small trinkets and tchotchkes can add wonderful personal flair. Unlike some may think, this doesn't only include your bedroom and kitchen, but your bathroom as well. Using your distinct sense of style, you can replace the common yet unsightly hardware with something more stylish. If you're looking to jazz up your bathroom, we recommend starting by replacing your toilet bolt covers.

We are all too familiar with the bolt caps that come standard with most toilets. They're white, plastic, and boring. However, they do have an important function — they cover an even worse eyesore. Our favorite easy fix is finding kitschy but cute toilet bolt covers to replace the old ones. Most sets of two cost less than $25, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. Here we've collected 14 of the best showy toilet bolt covers, so you can easily hop on this funky trend.

1. Turtles

Jewels for the Loo is among just a few sellers who are passionate about creating high-quality toilet bolt covers. Stephanie Montesanto creates beautiful ceramic caps in her studio and sells them only on Etsy. Her turtles are part of her best-sellers and have earned more than 400 positive reviews.

Purchase 2 Sea Turtle Toilet Bolt Caps on Etsy for approximately $22.

2. Fish

If you're not so into turtles, Montesanto offers a variety of other tiny handmade toilet bolt covers. The fish that she creates are quite gorgeous and allow you to cover the unsightly toilet area with a literal piece of art. The fish are available in four different colors: green, blue, turquoise, and cream.

Purchase 2 Fish Toilet Bolt Caps on Etsy for approximately $22.

3. Realistic seashells

Another lesser-known seller of toilet bolt covers on Etsy is The Shell Cap Shop. Unlike Jewels for the Loo, this Pennsylvania-based shop offers real shells that have been turned into attractive bolt caps. Though they have fewer options to choose from, these are perfect for a beachy bathroom going for a natural look.

Purchase Seashell Toilet Bolt Caps in Purple Pecten on Etsy for approximately $12.

4. Seashells

Jewels for the Loo also has seashell toilet bolt covers available from their shop. But, they look a lot different from the ones in the previous section. They are quite minimalistic and perfect for a bathroom that needs a facelift. Their shape isn't all that different from traditional toilet bolt covers, but their attractive glaze and swirling design make them an attractive sight.

Purchase the Set of 2 Seashells on Etsy for approximately $22.

5. Starfish

The starfish is another somewhat minimalist option. It features a round shape with perfectly placed sea stars that cover the ugly bolt beneath it. Reviews of the starfish toilet bolt caps indicate that they are a bit heavy, so you should handle them with care to avoid any accidental chipping.

Purchase 2 Sea Star Ceramic Toilet Bolt Caps on Etsy for approximately $22

6. Cats

Even though most toilet bolt covers are sea-themed, there are a few options that divert from the water. These sleeping cats, for example, come in turquoise, cream, and black. They are perfect for cat lovers or for those who aren't fond of the nautical bathroom trend.

Purchase the 2 Sleeping Cat Toilet Bolt Covers on Etsy for approximately $22.

7. Pearl turbos

The pearl turbos are likely the most kitschy item on this list. With their pearlescent color and 3-inch long body, the toilet bolt covers are hard to miss. For those who love all things glam, we think the glimmering shells would add the perfect touch to the base of their toilet.

Purchase the Seashell Toilet Bolt Caps in Pearl Turbos on Etsy for approximately $40.

8. Owls

When your old toilet bolt covers have become gross and discolored, these owls are the best replacement. Available in black and white, they can easily brighten up your bathroom. As described by one reviewer on Etsy, "These are so cute and decorative compared to the plastic ones, and [they] add a little color."

Purchase the 2 Owl Toilet Bolt Caps on Etsy for approximately $22.

9. Vintage porcelain caps

Not all of the fun toilet bolt caps are shaped like animals and sea creatures. These vintage porcelain caps on Etsy are much more simplistic and add just a pop of color to your bathroom. The listing approximates that the bolt covers date back to the 1940s, so it's like introducing a tiny piece of history to your toilet.

Purchase the Vintage porcelain toilet bolt caps on Etsy for $39.

10. Cactus

Barrel cactus-shaped toilet bolt caps are available in three colors from Jewels for the Loo. Bright red is a popular option, but they also offer brown and green that look more realistic. No matter which you prefer, the small cacti are sturdy and so cute once they're installed over your exposed bolts.

Purchase the Set of 2 Cactus on Etsy for approximately $22.

11. Skulls

These skull bolt covers would be the cherry on top for a bathroom with a gothic theme. If you're partial to darker paint colors, ornate features, and dramatic elements, these tiny skulls are for you. Of course, they come in a black glaze, or you can choose the brighter turquoise option.

Purchase the Set of 2 Sugar Skulls on Etsy for approximately $22.

12. Urchins

Out of all the seashells you could choose from, urchins make great toilet bolt caps. Their shape easily covers the hardware and their intricately designed body pairs nicely with a sea-themed bathroom. This single listing offers sputnik urchins, but the same shop has pink urchins, purple urchins, and green urchins.

Purchase the Set of 2 Sputnik Urchins on Etsy for approximately $15.

13. Frogs

These smiling porcelain frogs seem to have put smiles on a lot of happy customers' faces. They have nearly 200 positive reviews and it isn't hard to see why. The small frogs, which come in green, turquoise, and dark blue, look adorable at the base of a toilet.

Purchase the 2 Frog Toilet Bolt Caps on Etsy for approximately $22.

14. Octopi

As we've mentioned, finding kitschy toilet bolt caps is not an easy task. For the most part, they are best found from small sellers offering them on their websites and Etsy shops. However, there is one option on Amazon. Made of ceramic, the little blue octopus with a red hat is a cute and sturdy solution for covering your toilet bolts.

Purchase the Ceramic Octopus Covers Set of 2 on Amazon for approximately $18.