The Brilliant Shower Hook Hack That Will Revolutionize The Way You Store Jeans

Jeans are a fashion staple everyone has in their wardrobe. There are various styles, lengths, washes, and colors to choose from, and it's acceptable for folks to have more than six pairs in their drawers. You need a pair of jeans for every occasion, but when your jeans start overfilling your drawers to the point where they don't close, then it might be a bigger problem. However, you can create a more efficient organizational system in your closet by hanging your jeans with shower hooks. You might've tried hanging your jeans through the loop on hangers, but that takes up twice the amount of space than shower hooks will. The shower hooks easily slip through the belt loops of your jeans.

The shower hook hack appeared on TikTok user Kylie Nelson's (@kylie_nelson1) video showing how she organized her jeans in her closet. Instead of creating piles on the floor or stuffing her drawers with folded jeans, hanging the jeans allowed them to neatly stay side by side without any wrinkles forming.

How to use the shower hooks

Using hangers for your jeans is common, but the jeans easily fall if folded over — or the clips can break if you tug on the jeans accidentally. Plus, hangers are bulkier, so they'll take up more space in the closet. In her video, Tiktoker Kylie Nelson shows how she uses shower hooks to hang her jeans. She bought plastic hooks from Target for $5.00; the pack had 12 pieces. Nelson folded her pant vertically, looped the bottom part of the hook through the two belt loops on the front of the jeans, and hung them on the closet's rod.

Nelson hung six pairs of jeans in her closet and still had room to hang more, but she hung other clothing items instead. Even though shower hooks free up space, they also save you time when picking an outfit. They let you clearly see each pair of jeans you have in your closet to decide which ones you will wear easily — whereas folded jeans in drawers create a larger mess since you have to pull out every pair, pick one, then refold the ones you didn't choose. If your room doesn't have a closet, use this hack for a rolling rack and store it against a wall or corner.

Concerns over shower hook hack

There are many ways to organize all different kinds of clothing. The shower hook hack for your jeans is effortless, affordable, and quick. Many folks raved over finding this hack, claiming it was a genius idea, and they were excited to try it at home. Some users jokingly stated they had to buy more jeans to follow the hack. Others had some concerns. A few folks worried that their belt loops will stretch out from the weight of the jeans on one side. While most of the weight will be in one place, you can always sew the belt loop to make it tighter. However, one commenter suggested using metal S hooks, claiming retailers like Old Navy use hooks to hang their jeans and they've never been torn or damaged.

It's best to keep an eye on your jeans when you keep them on the shower hooks. If you notice that the belt loops are slowly stretching, replace them with a fresh pair of jeans. Also, jeans naturally stretch when worn multiple times, but washing and drying them will always get them back to their original stretch — or even slightly tighter than when you first bought them. So, they'll naturally get their shape back after a wash. In addition, be mindful of the jean's weight; you don't want them too heavy on the hook. Since jeans are made in different styles, try hanging the lightweight ones to keep your sturdier ones in good condition.