How An Old Egg Carton Can Simplify Small Painting Projects

If you're into DIYs or painting and are active about it, you probably take on little painting projects regularly. We've all been there: You need to paint something small — like a picture frame, a scale model, or a helmet — and you want to make sure you get all the edges perfectly, but you don't want to make a mess. To avoid a big cleanup or a shoddy job, you'll need some risers to get to those edges correctly. But what if you don't have risers? When this happens, egg cartons can save the day as makeshift risers. 

Additionally, if you need to experiment with colors for your small painting project to come out perfect, you'll need a palette, and egg cartons will also serve as a homemade palette for those who don't want to buy one. Ultimately, egg cartons are easy to come by and super cheap. If you want to take on more small DIYs without making a mess or using your expensive tools, we'll show you how to do it with egg cartons.

Egg cartons to the DIY rescue

Egg cartons will simplify the way you take on little painting projects, especially for small items. If this is your case, you'll need to raise the piece from the floor or table where it's placed to paint the edges properly and cleanly. You can easily cut your egg carton to fit your project's needs; for example, if you want to paint a picture frame, you can cut the egg carton to have one riser under each corner of the frame. 

If you're dealing with a scale model, a helmet, or anything of similar size, use the whole egg carton as a platform to focus better on the details, without having to think about messing your space up. Although there are dedicated risers for this type of task on the market, egg cartons are an excellent alternative if you're not an avid DIY enthusiast or don't want to wash everything afterward.

Another DIY hack with egg cartons

If you don't own a proper palette or think your small project isn't big enough to mess with your painting toolbox, you may miss out on some DIYs that could potentially elevate the feel of your home. Luckily, egg cartons will also help you get over this hump. To create a palette from an egg carton, first cut the carton into the shape you want. Consider how many cups you need and how you want to hold your palette before cutting the carton with scissors. You can also make some holes with the tip of the scissors in the elevated spaces between the cups and use those as brush holders. 

Whether you're an avid DIY fan or just need to paint something small quickly, egg cartons will always work in these instances. If you're taking on these little projects regularly, start keeping your cartons and take full advantage of all your egg purchases.