Why HGTV's Meridith Baer Loves A Bright Door When Staging To Sell

Selling a home can initially seem overwhelming, but the secret often lies in some of the simplest things. Meridith Baer, owner of Meridith Baer Home and host of HGTV's "Staged to Perfection," is well-versed in selling homes and believes the front door is essential. First impressions are everything, and front doors are one of the first things to catch the eye. Baer tells clients that bright doors will enhance properties on the market, showing potential buyers that the house "is well cared for," per Lohud. Bright colors could mean sky blue, lime green, and a simple yet vibrant neutral hue.

Baer expands on how to draw in buyers, emphasizing the need to be able to visualize making a home for themselves. "So it's really about telling the story with furniture, and rugs, and accessories, of how a person would live in the house. And so it's all subliminal," she told Medium. " ... So a good coat of paint brightens up, it lightens up the home, and I think that's one thing where I usually recommend our clients invest."

Choosing the right paint for your door

Shopping around for the right color to paint your front door can make anyone anxious, as a home's exterior is the book cover of a house. Ask yourself what you want to accentuate. Are you hoping to liven up red brick, wood grains, or porch furniture with a freshly painted door? Taking Baer's advice, something accessible to most buyers is the best bet. "I really think it's smart to do a white, maybe a warm white, or a very neutral color," she told Medium. Neutral colors are safe for many reasons, including that they adapt to nearly any style and design preference. If you want to create something unique without deterring buyers with wild colors, consider a neutral shade contrasted with interesting glass paneling or doorknobs. 

Still, there are many vivid colors that will look stunning on your front door, even as they stray from a neutral palette. Looking around your yard, you'll find numerous colors incorporated throughout nature that your front door can greatly complement. For example, Behr's Peaceful Blue and Jojoba showcase subtle yet striking hues of blue and green to bring out some of nature's colors. Moodier tones of burnt orange and mustard yellow also create an earthy feel yet give your door some spunk, such as Behr's Charismatic yellow and October orange. Choosing an unconventional shade may be intimidating, but with a correlation between outdoor accents like cushioning and planters and taking what nature has to offer into account, a brightly painted door will be the answer you've been searching for.