What Design Experts Love About Reese Witherspoon's Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

One of the hottest emerging color trends, gray-green paint is a great alternative to a fully gray or green kitchen — and it seems Reese Witherspoon thinks so too. The actor gave us an insight into her kitchen on Instagram, showcasing cabinets that were unmistakably gray-green with dark gray countertops and gold hardware. Witherspoon appears to have chosen the charming shade for all of her cabinets, creating a warm and welcoming kitchen.

It isn't just Witherspoon who loves this emerging shade, either. Speaking to Homes&Gardens, New York-based designer Artem Kropovinsky discussed just why the color combination of gray and green works so well. "Gray-green exudes a soothing aura. The color contributes to establishing a tranquil and serene environment in your dwelling," he shared.

Though you may be (and perhaps should be) nervous about color trends going out of style faster than you have bought the paint for a room, Kropovinsky revealed that he thinks the calming energy of gray-green means it will stick around for a while.

Not just for cabinets, gray-green is a great alternative neutral

Kitchen expert Teri Simone agrees that gray-green is a must-have hue for your home. "Gray-green works beautifully in the home because they combine neutral, soothing earthy tones," he told H&G. "Greens with a hint of a gray undertone make for a balanced color palette, and both provide grounding elements that can be emphasized with pops of other bright tones to warm up the space." 

This grounding influence is key to the appeal of gray-green, so it's important to create a harmonious look wherever you decide to use it. Like Simone said, gray-green is an earthy, relatively neutral shade, meaning you can add in brighter colors to a space to liven it up. You can do this in small ways, for example with a patterned fruit bowl, or with larger statement pieces like a gleaming pink kettle.

Gray-green is also a solid way to introduce a tasteful neutral to your home if you're someone who doesn't really like neutrals. As color expert Annie Sloan pointed out to Livingetc, gray-green has a "refined" and "luxurious" element that straight-up neutrals sometimes lack.

Gray-green is the perfect shade for rooms you want to have a calming presence

Due to its neutrality, gray-green is a more versatile paint color right off the bat. "How the color is paired with other colors, textures, and finishes will impact the mood that you create," Stephanie Pierce, director of designs and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets shared with Better Homes & Gardens. As mentioned above, gray-green's soothing vibe is part of why designers love it so much, making it the perfect color for areas that you would like to have calming energy.

Gray-green bedroom walls create a naturally tranquil feeling that you'll appreciate during your downtime, as will matching accents like a gray-green throw or cushions. Another great area you can add gray-green paint is your hallway or perhaps even your front door so guests feel a sense of being grounded from the get-go.

Not a fan of gray-green walls? Take inspiration from Reese Witherspoon and opt for gray-green cabinets, or get upcycling and paint your dresser or bedside tables in the loved-by-designers color.