HGTV's Emily Henderson Unpacks The Art Of Leaning And Layering Art

Emily Henderson, designer and star of HGTV's "Secrets from a Stylist," has a lot to say about arranging the art in your home to tie the space together. In her blog, Style by Emily Henderson, she writes about the benefits of leaning your framed artwork or pictures rather than hanging them from the wall. "I guess I like to play a lot with art placement – but 'the lean' is one that those non-committal types out there can really embrace. All you do is literally lean the art instead of hanging it. It's a strong yet casual move," Henderson writes. She suggests not only leaning your artwork against the wall behind a shelf or table but getting creative and using the floor or windows to support your paintings and photos.

She also mentions the importance of layering your artwork by incorporating different sizes and textures and placing smaller pieces in front of larger ones. This layered look helps to draw the eye across the space. "Just make sure you vary the sizes (and types) of art," she explains.

Tips on hanging artwork from Emily Henderson

If you have pets or small children that might knock over leaning picture frames, hanging it on your wall might still be your best bet. Luckily, Henderson has some tips to make hanging wall art look more stylish in your home. One thing she often notices is that pictures and paintings tend to be hung too high or too low, which can be distracting.

She recommends placing your art 6 to 8 inches above a piece of furniture or 57 inches above the floor. "Remember, if your walls are really tall then you can go higher and if your piece of furniture is really low then consider going lower to help engage that whole space. But generally try to fill as much space on the wall as you can, allowing for a space around the pieces so they aren't crammed towards the furniture, wall, or moulding," Henderson writes (via Style by Emily Henderson). Whether you decide to layer and lean or hang your artwork, using various sizes and styles of artwork can make your space look more interesting and unique.