The Unexpected Use For Aluminum Foil That'll Double The Sun Your Indoor Plants Receive

Indoor plants brighten any room with their colorful and refreshing nature; additionally, they can also help you purify the air at home. Whether you choose a corner or a window, placing them in the right spot to get as much sunlight as needed is essential for their growth. After all, nobody likes having plants whose leaves get pale, scorch, and become brittle with too much sunlight, nor indoor plants that wilt and die without enough sunlight exposure.

To have great-looking indoor plants, you must rotate them regularly so they get enough sunlight on all sides. Thankfully, using aluminum foil can help you double the sun your indoor plants receive. Its reflective properties will work as a mirror and reflect the light from the window to every niche and cranny of your indoor plants. Follow a simple step-by-step to build your own sun box; it's affordable, functional, and can bring any deprived-looking plant to life. You'll be surprised at how healthy and robust your indoor plants will look with this simple trick.

The DIY foil sun box in four steps

Sun boxes are not only for sunbathing indoor plants; they also work to grow any seedlings indoors and help new plants from the nursery grow straighter and stronger. Although there are grow lights available that you can easily purchase online, using sunlight to care for your indoor plants is much cheaper and easier to do.

To build your sun box, you will need card boxes, aluminum foil, clear duck tape, and your plants. First, take a cardboard box at least two inches taller than your plants' top leaves. Then, cut one of the sides and the top of the card box. After that, line the inside of the box with aluminum foil and some tape to stick it in place; remember to leave the shiny side out for extra reflectiveness. Finally, place a trendy planter inside the box and near the window for a sunbathing session. Repeat the process using different boxes to fit plants of various sizes, and your indoor plants will look incredible all year round.

Tips for healthy indoor plants

Besides sunbathing your plants with or without a sun box, there are a few tips you should follow if your goal is to have healthy indoor plants that bring joy to any area of your house. Choosing the best container to plant indoor plants in is the first step for this to work; they need to look good and drain correctly to prevent plants from waterlogging. Also, choosing the right plants to fit your hectic life can really make a difference; if you love spending time at home, ferns or orchids are perfect for you. On the other hand, if you love traveling and spending time away from home, some succulents or cactuses will be a better fit.

Also, make sure you are paying attention to your houseplants; if their leaves start to pale, it means they aren't getting enough sunlight or are getting too much water. Nevertheless, if they begin to dry out and become brittle, they're getting too much sunlight or not enough water. If you're tired of your indoor plants not looking the part, try building your own sun box and learning how to sunbathe them properly.