16 Unexpected Ways To Use Command Strips Around The House

Whether you're a renter, don't want holes in your walls, or are a frequent redecorator, Command Strips are the ultimate choice for safe, temporary hangings. However, there are many more uses for Command Strips and hooks than your typical art mounts. Thanks to Command's versatile and numerous products, there are hundreds of hacks and DIY projects you can complete without nails or damage to your home. 

When using Command Strips, be sure to follow the project instructions. Clean the area you intend to place the strip on, be certain it's a flat, untextured surface, and then look carefully at which side goes where; some Command Strips have a sticky side for the hook, while the other is specifically for the wall. If you are worried about the strength of the strip damaging the wall upon removal, put down a piece of painter's tape to separate the strip from the wall first. Note, however, that this trick won't work for heavier objects. When it's time to remove them, don't pull the strip straight off. The strip usually has arrows telling you which direction to pull the tab, which will stretch like taffy and lose its hold on the surface it's stuck to without damaging it. Now that you know the basics, here are all the different ways you can use these crafty adhesives around your house! 

Use Command curtain rod hooks

When looking at new homes, or even taking a glance at your own, you may notice that there's a lot of wall damage above the windows. New rods need new hooks, and some curtains are so heavy they yank the hardware out of the wall. And if it's a rental, there's no telling how many times the area has been damaged and then plastered over again. To avoid all that mess, you can use Command Hooks to hang your curtain rods. Command makes its own hooks, but if you have compatible ones, you can use a Command Strip on the back. Just make sure it has the appropriate weight rating. Remember: The thicker your curtains are, the heavier they'll be, so check their weight before hanging them.

These are best for areas like the living room and bedroom. Adhesive can be impacted by steam and condensation, so places where it is likely to get humid — such as a small kitchen or in a bathroom — may not have the same results. 

Create wall mounts

Creating a wall mount out of Command Hooks is simple and easy, especially when comparing any attempts to mount things to a wall using nails or screws. Hold the object up to the wall, mark where the hooks need to go with a pencil, and apply. As with all Command applications, give the fixture time to settle before putting any further weight on it. This gives the hook enough time to cure.

This is perfect for things you want on the wall but also need to be able to access, like routers, weather and home security tech, iPads in the kitchen for recipes and tutorials, and just about anything else you can think of. This is also great for temporary setups since you don't have to commit to holes when mounting it. Don't know where to put that new smart home device? For now, just stick it to the wall! Keep an eye on the hook's weight limit, but in general, this hack shouldn't pose any difficulties for you since you're hanging smaller objects. 

Use Command Hooks for the paper towel hack

There are multiple paper towel holder hacks you can pull off with Command Hooks and Strips. For example, rather than drilling holes into the underside of your cabinet to secure a hanging roll, you can use Command Hooks instead. You can also use Command Strips to secure your current countertop holder to a surface, ensuring it doesn't tip over whenever you need to grab a piece. Alternatively, you can stick two larger Command Hooks underneath your cabinet and have them act as the holder.

Even though paper towels are relatively light, you will want to make sure to use hooks with a higher weight rating, as you will often be pulling on the paper towels to rip them off the roll. Using a Command Strip with too low a rating can cause you to rip the entire thing off the wall, possibly damaging the surface in the process. 

Organize your cords with Command Hooks

While there are specific Command cord organizers, there's no need to go out and search for them if you have a few regular Command Hooks at home. A larger hook can be used to hold wrapped cords in the same way you would wrap a garden hose onto its holder. Smaller Command Hooks can help hide cords — such as keeping them in place behind a bookshelf or side table — by attaching them to the wall. You can also put Command Hooks on the side of a desk to keep cords from falling off, or to wrap up cords you use often but not constantly. If you don't like how your computer screen cords litter your desk, stick a hook on the back of your screen, and hang the excess from there.

In the kitchen, you can also put Command Hooks on the back of your countertop appliances to wrap the cord up when not in use, clearing up space and making the area much tidier. 

Use Command Hooks to DIY keyholders

There are few things less annoying than losing your keys. The best way to avoid this is to have a central location where you always put them; usually some place near the door so that you can set them down as soon as you're inside. This is why key hooks are so popular, but it can be a pain to mount a rack onto your wall. Luckily, Command has plenty of key-hanging devices, allowing you to pop them on the wall and be done with the project. On the other hand, if you already have a hanger you like but don't want to drill holes in the wall, you can use Command Stripes to mount it as long as it's not too heavy.

If you want to make this DIY as easy as possible, though, you can use a few Command Hooks in a row to create a makeshift stand. If your drywall is old and prone to flaking, put down painter's tape first as an extra precaution. That way, when you decide to move the hooks, a piece of your drywall won't come out with the glue.

Use Command Hooks for the trash bag hack

Having the trash bag slip and fall into your can isn't a huge inconvenience, but it's certainly annoying. If you have housemates or children, you know not everyone will take the time to pull the bag back up. Even worse, they may simply throw trash on top of the bag inside the can. To avoid this mess completely, use a simple Command Hook hack to keep it in place.

Simply put a Command Hook upside down on the side of your trashcan. For smaller trash bags, set the hook as close to the lip of the can as possible, and place it near the center for full-size bags. Then you can pull the trash bag tie and pop it under the hook. For really stubborn trash cans, you can do this on both sides to make sure your bag is unquestionably secured. You'll never have to worry about a sagging liner again.

Command Bath Hooks can transform any bathroom

Command Hooks are perfect for upgrading your shower since you can hang shower caddies off of them. All you have to do is place two Command Bath Hooks inside your shower, being sure they are level as you do, and then hang the basket on the two hooks; one on the very left, and one on the right. You can also use Command Bath Hooks on the shower walls for singular items, such as loofas, a razor, combs, and many other items. For parents, you can also use them near the tub to hold bags of bath toys off the tub floor so that they will drain properly. 

You can take it a step further by using large Command Bath Hooks just outside your shower to hang up robes and towels. Or, if your shower has a door, right on the glass for ease of access. No more room for your things on the counter? Don't sweat it. Use the same hooks on your wall-mounted mirror to hang up hair ties, brushes, and even toothbrushes. Just make sure you choose Bath Hooks specifically since the adhesive is specially formulated to withstand water and humidity. 

Have the ultimate indoor garden with Command Hooks

Whether you're a plant parent, a casual gardener, or have no green thumb to speak of, you can use tiny Command Hooks to make your home pop with living color. All you need is a climbing plant and a blank wall. Using mini, clear Command Hooks, you can direct your plant on where to go, creating a beautiful plant wall. This eliminates the hassle of finding larger climbing structures for your greenery, and it also means that you can arrange your vines into images or direct them over furniture and wall decor if you so desire. 

You can also use higher-weight-rated Command Hooks to hang plants from your walls, ceilings, and sides of furniture. Remember that they will weigh more when you water them, so if you weigh them with dry soil and they're at the edge of the weight limit for your Command Hook, you will likely need something a little stronger. 

Create a vanity without the table

If you're pressed for space, you may not have enough room for a vanity. Those who share their bathroom with others, have cramped bathrooms, or bathrooms with poor lighting may also not want to do all their sprucing up there. Thankfully, all you need for a vanity is a little bit of wall space. 

First, use Command Strips to attach your mirror to the wall; that will be the staple piece for your vanity. Try to choose a location with good lighting, so you can accurately see how you're putting on your makeup. You can use Command Hooks to hang up your hair tools or add baskets to the wall for your products. To ensure the mirror stays on the wall, use Command Large Hold Picture Hanging Strips, which can hold up to 16 pounds. This will ensure you won't have an unpleasant accident down the line that will cost you seven years of bad luck!

Step up you kitchen organization

When you're cooking or baking, it's nice to have all your tools ready to go right when you need them. Pausing in the middle of cooking to hunt down measuring cups or spoons that haven't been put back in the same drawer or stacked together is frustrating, and finding drawers deep enough to store them all together can be a challenge. However, there is plenty of underutilized space on the inside of your cupboard doors just waiting to be filled. 

Buy a few Command Hooks large enough to have the edge of your measuring cup handles go through them, but also small enough to pass through the holes in your measuring tools. Once they're up on the inside of your cabinet doors, all you need to do is hang your things. You can do it cup by cup, or put them all on a central ring and keep them there. This goes for measuring spoons as well. If you have more than one set of measuring cups or spoons, you can also use hooks to attach them to what you use most. For example, if you almost always use a 1-cup measurement with your flour, stick a hook to the side of your container and keep the two together for easy access. 

Add some no-damage Command shelves

There are plenty of renter-friendly shelves that won't damage your walls, and Command brand certainly provides for that category. However, if you already have lightweight shelves that you love, you can make them renter-friendly, too. Using Command Strips, Hooks, or Picture Hangers with the appropriate weight limit, you can avoid having to use nails, screws, and wall anchors to put up your decor. This will leave you with zero holes come move-out day.

This also means you can use this technique in your kitchen, bath, or laundry room, where tile walls might get in the way of hanging shelves the old-fashioned way. Just make sure you use Bath Hooks in those areas since they are specially formulated to withstand moisture and humidity. If you don't use a Bath Hook, the adhesive might break apart due to the steam and moisture over time, and your shelf will come tumbling down.

Hang your lights in a dazzling display

Holiday and year-round lights can both leave a tremendous amount of holes or nails in your walls. While it's a beautiful display, the damage is unfortunate, and in rentals, this decor method is often banned. No matter whether your light display is temporary or long-term, Command Hooks are the way to go since they leave behind no damage. Command Hooks work indoors and outdoors depending on the specific hook purchased, so make sure you buy the correct version.

Some homes forgo ceiling lights completely, which can pose challenges. You can use Command Ceiling Hooks to put up string or hanging lights to fix the lack of wattage in the room. For string lights, it's also much easier to use Command Hooks than other hanging methods, such as tape, which can unstick. Lights are also usually lightweight enough that you can put down painter's tape before you apply your Command Hooks. This means you can be sure there won't be any damage when taking your lights down. 

Spruce up cabinets and drawers with new handles

With how often kitchen trends change, one way to keep up without spending a massive amount of money is to change your cabinet and drawer hardware. However, re-drilling holes in your cabinetry, or finding knobs that fit your old holes, can be an ordeal. When you use the Command Strip hack, you can add knobs to any cabinet without drilling any holes. Since the Strips use velcro to attach to each other, they are strong enough to hold up to your daily pulls and tugs. Simply cut the Strip into the same size and shape as the knob or handle, and use it to secure the knob to the door or drawer. Give it a few minutes to cure before tugging, and you're done!

You can also use Command Towel Bars for large drawers to create the look of a large, industrial handle that so many modern kitchens are turning to. However, you can also use Command Strips to transform flat-bottom objects into knobs and handles. You can get as creative as you want!

Keep rugs and mats in place with Command Strips

While there are plenty of products out there meant to keep rugs and mats from slipping and sliding, sometimes it feels like they're just not strong enough. Short of duct-taping your rugs to the ground, however, it feels like there is very little you can do to keep them from moving. However, Command Strips can keep your mats in place on tile, wood, and vinyl flooring without the possibility of moving.

This is especially useful for entryway mats, which tend to slip away from the door the more you use them, as well as outdoor welcome mats, which might blow away in bad winds. You can also count on this Command Strip hack in the kitchen, since it will help keep any runners in place next to the sink or island. This is also a great choice for parents of both children and fur babies, where running around at high speeds may result in a rug coming loose, causing your loved ones to slip and fall. 

Try the crown molding hack

Recently, TikTok has been exploding with renter-friendly home improvement hacks, and the faux crown molding hack is one for the books. While crown molding in an owned home would make far more sense as a permanent installation, this hack is perfect for temporary living situations.

This is such a small detail, but it really is one that elevates your space. It can make a low-budget apartment look high-class, and for older buildings where you will begin to see staining and cracks form between the ceiling and walls, this is a perfect way to hide those defects without causing further damage. Make especially sure to clean the walls well and in accordance with your Command Strip instructions for this hack. To install the crown molding, nix the nails and use heavy-hold Command Strips applied to the back of the molding. If you want to add it to your ceiling, use the 16-pound Strips to ensure the molding can fight off gravity.

Secure your furniture without anchoring it to the wall

If you tend to shift around a lot in bed, chances are you have been annoyed by your headboard bumping against the wall. Depending on what kind it is, you may not be able to secure your headboard to the wall, and even if you can, you may not want to damage your walls to such an extent. But adhering your headboard to the wall can be as simple as slipping a Command Strip between the top of the headboard and the wall directly behind it. Once you do, you won't have to worry about bumping it, and if you have a lightweight bed, you won't have to worry about scuffing the walls if it moves around. 

This trick works great for other furniture as well. Be aware, however, that this isn't the same as anchoring. Heavy, tall furniture such as bookshelves can still come down if pulled on at the front too much, and no matter how great your Command Strips are, they won't do anything to stop it. So be certain you're not attempting to skimp on safety measures with this hack; it's purely for getting rid of minor annoyances.