The Common Mistake That's Damaging Your Home's Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an often discussed concept when selling a home, bringing in factors like the overall presentation from the street, exterior elements like paint and windows, and the state and upkeep of one's yard and other outdoor areas. Some things like new fencing, new plants, a fresh coat of paint, and trimming and mowing the surrounding yard can work wonders to enhance a home's curb appeal, but there may be one element you are overlooking when presenting your home for sale – 64% of potential buyers point out that defunct and dilapidated automobiles affect their perception of a home's desirability.

This is an important factor, as it can be both offputting to potential buyers and decrease your selling price if you do sell. Any vehicles, which include cars, RVs, boats, and trailers parked outside your home can have an impact not only on the overall look of your home, but also can damage elements like concrete driveways, gravel, and grass.

Why neglected vehicles are a bad sign

The best approach is to remove, hide, or salvage any non-working or decrepit-looking vehicle before anyone starts looking at the house. This includes any vehicles that may be undrivable, rusted, dented, or with flat/missing tires. Even a newer or perfectly working vehicle in good condition parked in front of the home can often block views and look crowded, but older and more damaged cars can signal neglect, which buyers may associate with other aspects of the home.

Vehicles that sit in place for extended periods of time can also damage the driveway, creating oil, anti-freeze, and rust spots on the ground. In grassy areas, they kill and damage growth that may be hard to regain for the new owners even after the vehicles are removed, resulting in years of possibly spotty and discolored grass. The best approach when selling your home is to scrap old and unusable cars, RVs, or boats, or find another storage location away from the home if you need to keep or plan to restore the vehicle.