How An IKEA Pegboard Hack Can Improve Your Kitchen Drawer Storage

Having a small kitchen always comes with limited storage space. You may try figuring out the best way to organize your pots, pans, plates, and Tupperware, but there typically just aren't enough drawers to fit them all. While you could renovate your kitchen to add more storage, starting a project right away might not be within your budget. However, TikTok user @wushihome came up with an excellent hack using IKEA's UPPDATERA Pegboard in one of their kitchen drawers to hold their bowls and plates, expanding the storage in their kitchen.

IKEA's pegboard drawer organizer can be purchased for $24. The plastic frame is about 25 inches wide and 19 ½ inches tall, and it comes with 32 plastic pegs that you can rearrange to your liking. The plastic frame has multiple rows of holes where the pegs fit, so they're easily removable and will keep your kitchenware in place instead of allowing it to slide around. Of course, you'll have to measure your kitchen drawers to ensure the pegboard will fit before purchasing. Most standard drawers have a 24-inch depth and 34 ½-inch height, but the width varies in every kitchen. 

How to use the IKEA pegboard to organize kitchenware

In TikTok user @wushihome's video, they show their fully stocked drawer containing various sizes of plates and bowls. Instead of using a couple of cabinets to lay out all of their dishes, they used IKEA's pegboard to organize everything. For example, they lined up four rows of pegs to hold their plates upright rather than placing them flat in the drawer. The pegs kept the plates in place and opened up room to stack bowls in every corner. They put pegs around high stacks to keep them from sliding around. The TikToker also used an extra small stand in the back corner to stack bowls and prevent them from hiding behind everything else. 

Further, IKEA's pegboard can be situated in many other places of the kitchen as well, like inside cabinets. Lay the pegboard inside a cabinet and arrange your plates and bowls to meet your needs. Using one side of the cabinet will leave the other side vacant for other kitchenware.

According to the IKEA reviews, customers gave the pegboard an over 4.5-star rating, claiming that it was easy to install and worked as expected. They didn't have quality issues and thought the product was worth the value. One customer did have problems with the pegs, stating they had difficulty inserting them into the holes, though they weren't impossible to fit. The TikToker quickly shows how they inserted the peg by twisting and turning it into the slot with ease.