Christina Hall's Stunning Cabinet Design Is The Perfect Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

If you're stuck with a builder-grade kitchen or one that's severely outdated, odds are you're dreaming of a new look. Whether it's new cabinets, room expansion, or switching up your hardware, kitchen renovations are some of the most expensive. If you really want to make a dramatic change in your kitchen, going with HGTV's Christina Hall's two-toned cabinet look will do the trick.

Cabinets are a necessity for any kitchen, but nothing says you have to be stuck with the original cabinets that were installed in the 80s. Doing something as simple as painting your uppers and lowers is a great way to save money on your renovation project and change the room's design, especially if you do it yourself. Before contacting the nearest contractor to swap your original cabinets for new ones, consider altering their appearance as Christina did for a beautiful kitchen facelift that adds luxury and elegance to this most-used room of the home.

Start with two shades

In her kitchen renovation, Christina chose to color-block the cabinets by using white and soft green, as seen in the picture above. Color-blocking pairs two colors that are typically considered contradictory to one another to make a statement within the design. In order for this tactic to work, one color needs to be bold while the other needs to be bright. This helps to visually balance the room while making it feel eclectic.

By placing your darker color on the bottom set of cabinets, as Christina did, you will create the illusion that your kitchen is larger than it really is. That's because darker colors — especially when on the bottom cabinets — are close to the floor. Additionally, they tend to cover the edges of the cabinets and make the room feel more expansive, which is very beneficial if you have limited space. But, if you want to spin this design concept in a unique and unusual way, place your darker color on the top cabinet for an instant eye-catching design.

Go one step further

To tie in the two bold colors and elevate the luxury, Christina placed a white and gray geometric backsplash pattern between the cabinets and up the walls around the windows. The light and dark tones in the pattern meshed with the two-colored cabinets to create cohesion in the room. By adding gold hardware to the design, Christina gave the space a hint of chicness in subtle areas. With the help of the geometric backsplash, the color choices provided the room with a fresh and modern feel.

After you've selected your color combination for your two upper and lower cabinets, finding a complementary backsplash is the next step. Follow in Christina's footsteps by choosing an abstract pattern with opposing hues that match your color choices and tie the room together. For an even more luxurious space, replace the hardware on your cabinets and faucet with gold ones.