The Genius Toilet-Paper-Pumpkin-Hack For Budget-Friendly Fall Decor

If you're someone who counts down the days for summer to end or maybe feels like late August actually counts as early fall, you've likely got autumn décor on the brain. After looking at each darling Pinterest design and every elaborate TikTok series on Halloween décor, it can feel like the only limit to creating your dream fall home is your budget. But luckily, there are oodles of amazing and budget-friendly DIYs that not only save you cash but add a unique warmth and character to your home that buying premade decorations just can't compare to. 

That's why we fell in love with a DIY idea from Debs Days that turns a roll of toilet paper into a darling pumpkin decoration. An abundance of pumpkins is basically essential for autumnal decor, but buying them from the craft store or Target can get wildly expensive, so making your own is a no-brainer. To make these darling toilet paper gourds, you just need a piece of fabric of your choice that is at least 18 inches by 18 inches, a ribbon or fake leaf, and a stem that can either be a little twig you found outside or a cinnamon stick. Best of all, this DIY doesn't require any taping, gluing, or sewing, and when it's time to take down the fall décor, you can recover your toilet paper rolls and return them to their more functional (albeit less cute) intended use. 

A craft anyone can do

When it comes to picking out your fabric, you can be as creative as you like. You can't go wrong with orange and green pumpkins, but checkered flannel would also work for a more rustic, cozy look, or you can go for an all-black look if you're aiming for Wednesday Addam's Queen of Creepy title. In terms of the actual material, the thicker the fabric will make the shape of the toilet roll harder to distinguish, especially if you're adding in plenty of pleating, but you can really use whatever you like. For the pumpkin's leaf, you can tie a bow from fabric, use fake foliage, or a cut of ribbon.  

To make the toilet paper pumpkin, take your toilet paper roll and unroll about 2 to 3 feet of it, but don't remove it. Then, re-wrap it around the roll, twisting and folding it as you go. This will give the toilet paper a fuller, rounder, more pumpkin-like shape. Then, place the roll in the center of the fabric. Starting at one corner, begin tucking and folding the fabric into the roll until it is completely covered. Tie your leaf around your stem of choice, then secure it in the folds of the fabric, and there you have a darling DIY pumpkin for fall that costs almost nothing.