The Unexpected Use A Push Broom Has When Painting

Even if you've just moved into a new home, you might find the walls are in need of a color overhaul. The good news is that painting your home like a professional doesn't necessarily require a trip to the store to purchase new painting tools. In fact, you likely already have what you need among your cleaning supplies, as a push broom with a threaded handle can double as a painting extension pole for paint rollers.

Professional extension poles offer a range of lengths, but they also range in price, some significantly more expensive than others. For example, at The Home Depot, you can get a 5-foot painting extension pole for less than $10 and a 24-foot one for about $45. However, this painting hack is about more than price but convenience as well. Unless you're painting your home frequently, you can quickly and efficiently complete any painting project using a common broom. The only requirement for this painting hack is that your push broom's handle is threaded.

Grab your push broom

For starters, you can use this helpful painting hack to help you prep your walls, using the broom handle to reach all surface areas. If your walls don't require any prep work, you can jump right into the painting project. First, grab your push broom and unscrew the brush head.

Once you remove your brush head, observe the threaded grooves. You'll find that your paint roller threads easily into this same end, just like it would with an extension pole. However, using a push broom's handle means you won't need to spend any extra money or take the time to visit the store. Rather, this hack is free and takes literally five seconds to complete. Further, once you're done painting, you can easily reassemble your broom to clean up after your paint project is complete.

If you'd feel better while rolling your paint, you can add a little insurance with a piece of masking tape; simply wrap it around where your paint roller attaches to the broom. You can also use painter's tape if this is what you already have on hand.

Paint brushes work, too

The only issue you might encounter with this hack is how far you can reach using your broom handle. Note that push brooms are typically 5 feet in length, which is most likely what you'll have on hand in your home. However, in combination with a ladder, you should be able to reach most areas. Just remember to exercise caution when painting those hard-to-reach places and that you use your ladder safely.

If you need to cut in toward your ceiling, a job reserved for a paintbrush, you can still use a push broom handle, though you won't be threading it together with your brush. Instead, simply attach a paintbrush to your push broom's handle using masking tape or painter's tape. While cutting-in jobs usually need to be done closer up, you could try finessing this broom hack, too. The closer you can get to an area when painting, however, the better.