Prevent Kitchen Splatters With Another Item In Your Drawer

Kitchen grease splatters are a nightmare — they seem to find their way onto every surface, leaving behind a trail of mess and mayhem. Whether it's the unsightly stains they leave on fabric or the excruciating pain they inflict on our skin, these splatters are a formidable nuisance. While you could cover open-aired pans with a splash guard, the truth is, not everyone actually owns one of those handy gadgets. Well, now you can prevent grease splatters with an everyday kitchen item you likely already have: a colander.

Using a metal strainer as a makeshift splatter guard is the perfect solution for those who don't want to invest in yet another kitchen contraption. Because let's face it: Does anyone really want to clutter their cabinets with something only meant to combat grease splatters? While we all fight against those pesky, messy marks, many of us would rather pass on purchasing an item solely dedicated to that. Thankfully, this clever grease-catching hack allows us to prevent the mess in a simple and cost-effective way. Just place the colander over your pan or pot, and voila! Splatter guard achieved, kitchen chaos averted.

Preventing grease splatters

When you find yourself using an open skillet or pan during cooking, don't fret about splatters — just grab your trusty metal colander. Flip it upside-down and position it over the pan to serve as a cover. The holes in the colander promote proper heat circulation while acting as a barrier against bothersome oil splatters, akin to a traditional grease guard. The best part? This simple colander trick keeps your stovetop clean and your kitchen mess-free, utilizing an item you probably already own.

It is essential to prioritize safety when using the colander hack to catch splatters. Take utmost caution, as the metal strainer can become extremely hot during cooking. Ensure you protect your hands by using oven mitts or other heat-resistant gear when removing the colander. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid using plastic strainers for this purpose, as the heat generated from the skillet may lead to an entirely different mess. Stay mindful of these precautions, and enjoy a clean and hazard-free cooking experience with this grease-catching hack.