Karen E Laine's Fixer-Upper Projects That Can Be Done By First-Time Homebuyers - Exclusive

When it comes to a series like HGTV's "Good Bones," part of what makes each episode so satisfying is watching hopeless homes transform in a matter of minutes. Of course, cameras make renovations look like magic, but "Good Bones" star Karen E. Laine understands how difficult the process can actually be behind the scenes — especially if you're a homeowner taking on big projects for the first time.

It can be tempting to seek out those same dramatic results, but Laine cautions, "Be patient with yourself and others, because if you're going to live in a renovation while it's in process, you're going to be living with doing dishes in a bathtub, perhaps, or having electricity from a temporary pole for a while. You're certainly going to be living with more dirt than you want or expected ... Be flexible."

In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Laine detailed some of the best DIY projects for first-time homeowners to accomplish, even if they're new to the renovation game. While Laine may have the support of her daughter and the HGTV crew during the show, you don't need an entire construction crew or even a full toolbox to accomplish many DIYs, such as painting or simple electrical installations, on your own. As Laine said, "Patience, flexibility, and a curious mind — those are the things I would bring to any renovation."

Painting and fixtures are a great place to start

According to Karen E. Laine, wall paint is one of the best places to start for new homeowners looking to renovate. "Painting is simple ... You can do simple things like painting to save yourself money," she said. "Not everybody has the skillset to install doors, windows, or flooring, but we can all do something. It's surprising how easy [painting] is to learn. What I always tell people is if I can do it, you can do it, because I'm not that smart."

While it might seem intimidating at first, Laine also told us, "Installing outlets and switches, receptacle covers, and switch plates is surprisingly easy ... Electrical fixtures of any kind — it's not complicated to install a chandelier, a fan, a sconce, or any of those things. Have a little bit of ingenuity and try some new things."

Of course, there are still a few projects — like plumbing and serious electrical work — that are best handled by a professional, but even then, there are ways you can lend a hand. "Hire people that you have confidence in and you trust," Laine explained. "Do as much work as you can yourself. We can all do the cleanup work, and you can save money by cleaning up the messes."

New episodes of "Good Bones" air at 8:00 p.m. ET on HGTV and are available on Discovery+ the same day.