Nate Berkus Has One Easy Hack To Better Organize Your Spice Drawer

If there's one thing designer Nate Berkus is clear about, it's that he loves a good storage solution to help you make the most of the space you have, and the trendy storage system he uses to organize his spices is no different. In a video posted to Berkus' Instagram, the designer showed viewers how exactly he keeps all of his spices in good order. Instead of placing the bottles lid-up or on their side, Berkus places them at a 90-degree angle with the labels on top so each ingredient is clearly visible. 

This way, each bottle can be grabbed quickly when you're in the middle of cooking. As well as being at a certain angle, the bottles also face toward the stove in Berkus' kitchen, giving him even easier access. It appears that the spices all have the same minimalist label, in keeping with the design pro's love of organization, but you don't have to take this extra step. If you do want to replicate this super handy storage solution for yourself, below we've laid out how to do just that.

Never waste time looking for a specific spice again

Within the video, Nate Berkus also jokes about taking credit for the drawer despite the fact that his husband, Jeremiah Brent, found the bottles and labels. Additionally, to stop the sound of clinking, Berkus mentions that Brent cleverly added rubber drawer liners, which will prevent the bottles from rattling around and bumping into one another when the drawer opens and closes. All you need to do to achieve the look is buy a set of bottles and some labels — the amount you need will vary depending on the number of spices you own. You can stack your spices in the bottles they're already in if you prefer, but buying matching bottles will be a closer match to Berkus' look.

Next, label each ingredient in its new jar so you know clearly which jar contains which item. Add a rubber liner or two to prep the drawer and then stack the bottles carefully in place at a 90-degree angle, pivoted toward your stove or the space where you usually cook. Simple but effective, Berkus' spice drawer organization tip means you'll never accidentally burn the food you're cooking while trying to look for a particular bottle again.