Is The IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Really Worth Buying?

When considering buying any furniture, it needs to meet your requirements in terms of style, functionality, space efficiency, and affordability. As people get more creative with maximizing space in the home, loft beds like the IKEA STORÅ have become popular because they raise the sleeping area off the floor to create more room underneath the bed. Whether this bed is worth buying or not will depend on your home setup, what you need it for, and who plans to use it.

Loft beds are popular in situations where space is limited, like small bedrooms, dorm rooms, and studio apartments. They come in many styles and configurations but are basically frames that resemble bunk beds without the bottom bunk, so the mattress sits at the top, and something else can be set up under, taking underbed storage to a whole new level. It is great to set up over a desk or couch but has some safety tests you need to pass before buying.

Reasons to buy

The STORÅ loft bed by IKEA is a tall, basic, black bed frame made of solid pine and costs around $450. It holds a standard double or full-size mattress and is amazing for limited spaces because it frees up valuable floor space that can be used for other purposes. It has an uncomplicated, minimalist design that goes well with modern or contemporary décor, so its simplicity can be a good addition to your space if this is your style.

Loft beds like these also help preserve your privacy, especially with studios. By keeping your bed out of sight, your place can feel more like a living room and won't feel as open when you have guests over. Reviews say the STORÅ is a comfortable frame, and IKEA suggests using a mattress that is 7½ inches or less in thickness to ensure maximum comfort. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Reasons to reconsider

Proper installation is crucial for the IKEA STORÅ loft bed. You need to ensure that the frame is stable so you have peace of mind while on or under the bed, and you also need the ladder to be secure and dependent enough for frequent use. This means the installation guide needs to be followed very closely, which can be difficult for those not well-versed in assembling furniture. You might need to get expert help for the installation and take precautions during use, like avoiding excessive movements.

Climbing up and down a ladder may also not be suitable for everyone, especially children or people with mobility issues. Lastly, consider the ceiling height of your room. There needs to be enough space above this tall frame so you can use the bed safely and the room doesn't look or feel cramped. Aim for a ceiling height of 8' 10" at the minimum. To determine if the STORÅ is worth buying, all these safety issues need to be sorted out.