The Kitchen Ingredient You Can Use To Put Out A Bonfire At The End Of A Night

As the crisp autumn air rolls in, a beloved seasonal tradition starts to ignite: bonfires. While backyard firepits can evoke a sense of joy, it's imperative to extinguish them properly for fire safety. Water is typically the go-to method for extinguishing such fires at the end of the night, but there are times when water sources are not easily accessible. In these situations, there is a secret ingredient that can come to the rescue: salt.

Salt, a common pantry staple, showcases its surprising effectiveness in dousing the flames of fires. With an incredibly high melting point of 1,474 degrees Fahrenheit, sodium chloride becomes nearly impossible to burn. By sprinkling salt onto the flames, it creates a protective barrier that effectively cuts off the fire's oxygen supply. This deprivation of oxygen allows salt to safely and efficiently bring an end to outdoor bonfire gatherings, ensuring a controlled and secure conclusion to the festivities. Let's explore in depth how it's done.

A salty savior

First and foremost, safety must be a top priority when it comes to dealing with fire. Regardless of the method you choose, whether it be using salt or any other fire extinguishing method, it is crucial to exercise caution. Remember to approach the situation with care, as fires can be unpredictable. So, it is essential to be vigilant and thorough in ensuring the flames are fully put out. And always make sure to verify that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving the area.

Now, here comes the hard truth — simply sprinkling a few shakes from the salt shaker won't suffice. The secret to effectively extinguishing fires using salt lies in using copious amounts of it. The trick is to pour generous quantities of salt onto the burning flames, ensuring it covers the entire affected area and edges. By using a few cups of salt, bonfire enthusiasts can effectively smother the fire.