How To Incorporate Barn Doors In A Modern Home, With Inspiration From Christina Hall

Incorporating barn doors in a modern home is a creative way to add a unique touch to the interior. In an episode of Christina on the Coast, Christina Hall sets out to combine the individual styles of a couple in a remodel of their master bedroom. The final product is a mix of boho and modern that features a barn door for the en suite bathroom. To balance both styles, the door she chose doesn't scream "farmhouse" and instead has sleek lines, minimalist hardware, and clean finishes to achieve that contemporary feel.

"This barn door is one of my favorite parts of the room," she says (via YouTube). It has a subtle but sharp pattern, chic hardware, and a smooth sliding setup. In addition to the aesthetics, it is also functional because it blocks the morning light that previously used to come into the bedroom. When incorporating a barn door in a modern living space, pay strong attention to the details and don't be afraid to shake things up.

Dare to do something different with your barn door

While barn doors are more trendy than timeless, being able to modernize them can make their appeal more long-lasting. Barn doors can be used as room dividers, closet doors, bathroom doors, or pantry doors to help save space in a room and are a great way to make a statement in a simple space. Even though they bring a strong wood presence into a room, they can be incorporated more seamlessly into a modern aesthetic when balanced out with contemporary finishes, high-quality accessories, and other elements of modern d├ęcor. This looks like using stylish handles and painting them to blend in more.

You can also take a risk by ditching the wood completely. In another episode, Christina Hall does something different when she uses settle, not wood for another master bathroom barn door. The black door matches the black walls, hardware, window shades, and other accents, achieving a sophisticated look for the rustic, modern bedroom (via Instagram).