Put A Unique Spin On Backsplash With HGTV's Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas' Simple Tip

There are various mistakes to avoid when installing a kitchen backsplash. You need to choose the right grout color, have the right number of tiles, and make sure the backsplash is installed where it can be useful. The backsplash also needs to rhyme with the space by enhancing it instead of overwhelming it. Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are no strangers to backsplash, and their use of vertical tiles in a single-color kitchen serves as an inspiration to tastefully include patterns when designing yours.

Backsplash tiles protect the wall from stains, but they also present an opportunity to add something stylish to the kitchen wall since they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. HGTV duo Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas once combined blue cabinets with a blue backsplash in a remodel. Because it had a heavy monochrome look, the space needed something more, which is what made the vertical tile pattern a creative move.

Lay backsplash tiles vertically

An unusual pattern is always an easy way to do some creative styling. Instead of doing the expected thing with horizontal tiles, put a spin on your kitchen backsplash with a vertical layout. Vertical backsplash tiles make the walls look taller, which is great for small kitchens and low ceilings. Capitalize on this effect in your kitchen with long, slim tiles that still feel size-appropriate in the space. They can also break up the visual flow of the room and give the eyes something interesting to focus on. To make the visual effect especially impressive, choose backsplash colors and materials that are distinct from the cabinets and countertops. For example, these good-looking brick-like tiles from Virginia Tile add a lot of texture when placed in between neutral cabinets. Fun fact, this company actually provided some of the tiles in Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas' recent home redesign!

In the all-blue kitchen, the duo used shiny backsplash tiles, which helped to class up the space, especially since the cabinets weren't new. A similar product is this glossy green ceramic wall tile from Wayfair. The unique rich green color can easily upgrade the aesthetics of any kitchen. Another unique backsplash idea you can consider is using vertical wood panels to create a charming feeling.