The Popular Decor Trend That HGTV's Unsellable Houses' Lyndsay Lamb Says Is Here To Stay

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"Unsellable Houses" star, Lyndsay Lamb has always been a fan of using timeless pieces in a home, so it's not exactly surprising that she's a major fan of macrame pieces. In fact, as she highlighted in a social media post, she's of the mind that the centuries-old crafting technique is the key to nailing the bohemian look in a very modern way.  

Taking to Instagram in early November 2023, Lamb dedicated a post to some of the macrame pieces she and twin Leslie Davis had used in an episode of "Unsellable Houses." In a fun play on words, the design specialist quipped that the pieces, sourced from Sepideco, made all the difference. "Sepideh's handmade creations absolutely TIED our boho ranch style together. I could KNOT have done this without her design," she wrote. 

Jokes aside, the items really did go a long way in transforming the space. And, while macrame artworks are certainly coming back in style, their long history (we're talking hundreds of years, stemming back to the 1200s) certainly lends itself to timelessness. Best of all, though, is that while the specific pieces Lamb included were a little on the pricey side, going boho chic on a budget is certainly within reach, too. 

Whether you save or splurge, macrame will stay in style

While macrame is having a moment and will likely continue to stay popular over the next several years, it's not exactly a trend in the same way as many other decor items are. That said, if splurging isn't an option right now, there are also ways to incorporate the craft into your home for less. 

Though the specific Sepideco custom designs Lyndsay Lamb brought attention to in her Instagram post retail from $90 to $700, the Seattle-based brand also offers less expensive pieces, like pairs of curtain holdbacks for $30. Altneratively, Mkono sells several, large macrame pieces for less than $30 on Amazon. It's also always worth looking around at flea markets and antique stores for unique designs (who doesn't love a great '70s macrame?).

Speaking of uniqueness, if you're open to taking up a new craft, you may also want to look into grabbing a make-your-own macrame kit off Amazon. For $11.99, you can create your very own macrame pieces. If being around for hundreds of years won't lend itself to timelessness, something made by you definitely will. You'll certainly get a nod of approval from Lamb.