The Easy Hack To Store Your Items In A Small Rental Space

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Storage in small kitchens, like those often found in rentals, can often be at a premium. This is especially true for items like pots, pans, or other kitchen utensils and essentials. If you like to cook and have more than just a couple of good pans, they often do not fit in limited cabinet space, nor do you usually have room for a dedicated cookware rack with hooks. While many renters take to storing these items on the range top or in the oven itself, both can be somewhat of a fire hazard. Your refrigerator, however with its large expanse of metal casing, may be the perfect place to add a few magnetic hooks to hang some (or all) of your cookware in a way that doesn't take away from other storage space.

You can use inexpensive heavy-duty metal hooks to hang pots and pans, or items like spoons, tongs, spatulas, and more, many of which already have holes in their handles. Even better, hanging in a convenient spot, rather than a cupboard or drawer, makes it easier to grab with much less rummaging and hassle than other means. 

Using magnetic hooks for storage

All you need is a magnetic fridge surface and some high-weight capacity hooks like these available from Amazon at $8 for four hooks, which can support up to 130 pounds and come in a variety of colors. More lightweight hooks are great for smaller items like colanders, measuring cups, or utensils. It's also a great place to hang easily lost items like kitchen scissors. If you're worried about dingy or stained pans on display, use some Bar Keepers Friend powder to make them shine. Or, store pans on the fridge in less visible spots like on the side, between the cabinetry. 

These hooks are also great for other kinds of storage, like holding pot holders, cutting boards, brooms or mops with hanging holes, and other easy-to-grab items. They work on any magnetic surface, which also means that you can add hooks to metal shelving, dishwasher fronts, or inside pantries with metal doors. The hooks also work great to hold mesh bags for storing fruit, onions, and potatoes in a convenient spot.