Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror In Seconds With TikTok's Dollar Tree Makeover

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For centuries, bathroom mirrors have featured ornate, alluring framing. The hefty price tag of many of these options today, however, isn't so attractive. The good news is, if you have a bathroom mirror that you'd like to frame, you don't have to spend hundreds or even dozens of dollars to do it. You don't even have to use a frame at all — all you need is some black electrical tape.

In a hack shown on TikTok, you can buy a roll of black electrical tape for at the dollar store, or for just 80 cents at Walmart. The tape can give your mirror a nice, soft frame while covering those imperfections, sharp corners, and edges. If you line up the tape perfectly parallel with the edges of the mirror, your guests probably won't even notice that you used tape. Another highlight is that you can use other colors of electrical tape and different types of tape entirely to create the look you want. Unfortunately, though, despite all the perks of this DIY mirror framing trick, the electric tape option does come with a couple minor downsides worth considering.

Customization options and drawbacks

Nowadays, you can find electrical tape in a wide range of colors, so if you want to match your mirror with your blue towels and floor mat, for example, you can. You can also glue on some gems and other embellishments if you'd like. Plus, unlike wood frames, you can remove the tape without tools and switch to another color if you want to change your bathroom color scheme after a few months. Based on one follower's experience in the TikTok thread, the electrical tape can last at least six months on the mirror.

If you love the tape idea, but want the frame to be wider, try using masking, washi, or duct tape. These types of tape also come in a variety of colors, in addition to different patterns, and they're more than twice the width of standard electrical tape. Chevron, deco art, checkers — you can find dozens of options online on Amazon, Walmart, Temu, and many other stores.

Although probably not considered deal breakers for most DIY-ers, using electrical tape on a mirror comes with a few minor inconveniences. For one, it may require some type of extra adhesive, like crazy glue, in the corners to prevent peeling, according to the TikToker. Alternatively, you may need to use a blow dryer to improve the adhesion. Another factor that may alter the adhesion is dirt and dust on the mirror, so be sure to clean and dry it before sticking tape on it.