Give A Coastal Kitchen A Moody Vibe With Advice From HGTV's Christina Hall

When designers or homeowners utter the phrase "coastal style," we often think of sea-washed blues and greens, lots of earthy sand tones or white, and materials like weathered wood and an abundance of rattan. HGTV's Christina Hall, however, has an altogether radical idea that coast decor can blend a bit of the dark and moody in with the light and bright sun-drenched feel of many coastal homes, particularly when looking to make the space feel streamlined and contemporary while still feeling coastal. 

While Hall is known for her modern take on coastal style in her renos on "Christina on the Coast," her design acumen also translates to her own home's kitchen, which recently underwent renovation. While the kitchen was initially filled with white glossy modern cabinets that dominated the space and provided contrast with the wood paneling and flooring, Hall swapped them out for darker cabinets for a dramatic touch.

A dramatic and moody alternative

Discussing the change, Christina Hall tells that while her initial plan was to replace the white glossy cabinets with white oak, she ended up settling on black. Hall says, "I feel like the white oak is not going to look right in here. There's too much wood color going on, and I feel like what could look really amazing is black."  It's a color Hall has a penchant for, often utilizing it as a dominating or accent color in the homes she renovates. 

In her own kitchen, Hall also decreases the amount of cabinetry in favor of open shelving, which opens up the kitchen and gives it a softer, cozier feel while still remaining modern and sleek. The wall with black cabinets and shelving serves a supporting role for the kitchen's stunning pair of 250-pound ceramic pendant lights above the island, which draw the eye as a stunning focal point.  

Get the look

If you would like to capture Christina Hall's aesthetic and bring a bit of black into your coastal decor, consider painting your cabinets black instead of white, particularly if your kitchen is larger. In spacious rooms, the black serves as a great neutral alternative to white, which will make the space feel far cozier. In smaller kitchens, it can give a clean and compact look. You can also choose to use black in smaller doses, like the island surround or a single set of cabinets in combination with white or wood finishes. 

If you're looking to use black in even smaller touches, try choosing coastal-inspired pieces that feature the shade, like rattan chairs with black accents, or matte black fixtures like plumbing, major appliances, or lighting. Black looks especially stunning in combination with honey and walnut shades of wood. It is often a perfect color that allows the painted pieces to disappear into the background and other elements to shine.