How To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays Like Joanna Gaines

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It seems like everyone on social media always has stunning holiday decor throughout their homes every year. Interior designer Joanna Gaines is no exception. She transformed her farmhouse into a Christmas dreamland filled with wreaths, ribbons, garlands, Christmas trees, and more. Gaines was generous enough to share her decorating process, and you can imitate her style in your own home.

The HGTV star vlogged and posted her shopping journey on Instagram, showing her followers all her favorite holiday decor from Magnolia Market. She said, "Did some shopping at @Magnolia Market and spent yesterday setting the farm for the holidays. We made a little collection of all the products I used and dropped the link in profile! Available in store and online at"

We love her attention to detail and cohesive decorating; we're writing down everything she bought so that we can add it to our homes. She picked out new matching stockings for her and her family and filled every opening with beautiful green garlands. Plus, Gaines took cozy to a whole other level by decorating her living room with a cozy blanket, many scented candles, and children's books. Our favorite items are the ones we think you'll enjoy the most.

Cover every doorway with a wreath

Wreaths are a hot topic for the season, even when it's not officially winter or Christmas. They have made their way into every room possible, to the extent that you might have seen folks hang wreaths on their kitchen cabinets. They're not only used for the front door anymore, and HGTV's "The Fixer Upper" star Joanna Gaines further proved that festive wreaths can be hung anywhere. 

On her Instagram reel, Gaines showed a clip of herself hanging wreaths on her brick wall, double doors, and vintage mirror. They had the most precious velvet maroon bows tied to the bottom. She bought four Red Berry and Cedar Wreaths from Magnolia Market, each priced at $98 regularly and $73.50 on sale. The wreath has cedar springs, red berries, and a red velvet bow.

If you want to decorate your home with multiple wreaths like Gaines but on a friendly budget, you can purchase wreaths from Target or Walmart. Target has a wreath similar to the one at Magnolia Market for $20. On the other hand, use your annual wreath to embellish your space. If yours has seen better days, we have a hack that will make even the saddest wreath look like a million bucks. Tie a few velvet bows in your favorite Christmas colors to spruce up any simple arrangement. Amazon has 30 different-colored velvet ribbons for $12.97, so you can add a myriad of hues to the wreaths and around your house.

Skip the flannel skirt and use a metal collar

Typically, Christmas trees are dressed up with flannel or cloth-style skirts to enhance their appearances. Tree skirts are made in various designs, making them easy to pair with anyone's tree. They're also excellent for catching pine needles and reducing the amount of sweeping when it's time to throw out the tree. However, HGTV star Joanna Gaines skipped the traditional tree skirt this year, using a gorgeous antique brass collar from Magnolia Market. Magnolia Market's brass collar is $73.50 on sale and $98 regularly. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the tree's appearance. Plus, the antique brass matches Gaines' tree ornaments beautifully.

Tree collars are an excellent way to beautify your tree, especially if you tend to use traditional skirts. They'll still cover the tree stands and are available in various styles, such as squares, rings, panels, and hinges. The shapes all serve the same purpose, but some are easier to place around the tree. The downfall to using a tree collar is it won't catch all the pine needles, so sweeping will be a daily activity. They're also more expensive than traditional tree skirts, and the metal ones could possibly rust when watering a natural tree. Lowe's has an affordable matte gold tree collar for $39.98. Find one that complements your tree's embellishments, or DIY the perfect high-end-looking tree collar. Whichever you choose, take inspiration from Gaines, and decorate your home with festive cheer for the holiday season.